31-year-old father of two, miraculously survives coronavirus after 30 days on a ventilator, double pneumonia, sepsis, heart failure, and two strokes

A heroic coronavirus survival: Father-of-two won in the battle with the deadly virus, after suffering double pneumonia, sepsis, heart failure, and two strokes.

Omar Taylor, 31, survived coronavirus just in time for his son’s second birthday.

Image credits: Kaitlyn Taylor

After spending 30 days on a ventilator, as Omar was discharged from the Colchester Hospital, the healthcare workers honored him with applause. Although the staff had previously warned his family to prepare for the worst, the healthcare company executive made a miraculous recovery.

During his treatment, Taylor lost the use of his right arm, the power of speech, and was told he would never walk again. But he amazed everyone as he was able to leave the hospital on foot.

The COVID-19 survivor’s wife, Kaitlyn Taylor, a student nurse, told Mail Online:

“First, we were told he was going to die, then we were told he would never be able to walk. His recovery is an absolute miracle. It was utterly overwhelming. He was determined to get out in time for our son’s second birthday and he did it. We’re going to have a really big party, just the four of us. It was amazing seeing everyone coming together to welcome him home.”

Currently, the regional director for the healthcare company Care UK, Omar Taylor, is receiving 12 weeks of intensive rehabilitation at home.

Image credits: Kaitlyn Taylor

He has already recovered some of his speech, being able to speak two to three words at a time.

Unfortunately, Omar’s right arm remains paralyzed. However, doctors believe that continuous treatment will surely lead to up to 90% recovery by the end of the year. Mrs. Taylor shared:

“It has been so difficult, particularly with two young children. Harrison, who is two next week, didn’t understand and was scared of his dad for the first couple of hours after he came back. ‘But Vivienne, our four-year-old, is a proper daddy’s girl and hasn’t left his side since he’s been home. She’s been helping him to the toilet and the shower and she’s just so, so happy that he’s home.”

Additionally, Kaitlyn explains her husband was away from home for eight weeks. This period was extremely difficult for their children. At a point, they ‘didn’t think he was ever coming back’. She continues:

“This has been everyone’s worst nightmare. But the support we have received has been overwhelming.”

The coronavirus patient’s mother flew over from the US to help with her son’s recovery.

Family and friends joined forces to raise money for Omar’s essential expenses and rehabilitation costs.

They have created a GoFundMe page, where anyone can help the Taylors. Kaitlyn is genuinely grateful to everyone who has already contributed to her husband’s improvement:

“Omar can’t speak properly but I know he would love to give a big thank you to everyone who has helped us, from friends to frontline staff.”

Mr. Taylor’s battle with the vicious virus began on March 19th. After spending weeks of self-quarantining, he was rushed to Accident and Emergency with breathing difficulties. Doctors believe it was his pre-existing condition of ulcerative colitis that caused his immune system to crash before the coronavirus.

Only four days after being hospitalized, Omar’s condition worsened, and he had to be moved to ICU. As he had severe breathing difficulties, he was put on a ventilator. His wife explains, she received a worrying call from the hospital at 4:45 am. She was told to prepare for the worst, as doctors had decided to intubate her husband and put him in an induced coma. Mrs. Taylor continues:

“I had to look at my four-year-old and my two-year-old and think about how I would tell them that their father was dying.”

However, in several days, Omar’s critical condition stabilized. 

Image credits: Kaitlyn Taylor

As soon as nurses noticed he was unable to move his right arm, they began to wean him off sedation. While he was still on a ventilator, the healthcare staff took the COVID-19 patient for a CT scan. It was then when they discovered Mr. Taylor had suffered a double stroke.

A month after Omar had been admitted to the hospital, he was moved out of intensive care and into a stroke unit. Luckily, not long after, he tested negative for coronavirus. His family was finally permitted to visit him for the first time in six weeks.

Image credits: Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn shares:

“It was so emotional. He was in a wheelchair, and we met him out in the open air. Before then, when we spoke to him on videocall, he had a blank stare, and we didn’t even know if he could recognize us. It was as if he was looking through us. But when we saw him, he was smiling and able to put his arm around the children. It was the first time in six weeks that he had seen someone who wasn’t wearing PPE, let alone his family. It was magical.”

After making a tremendously impressive recovery, Omar Taylor was discharged to a hero’s welcome. And the best thing is, it was just in time for his little boy’s second birthday!

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