Father, 45, suffers near-fatal heart attack after trying to explain a Math problem to his son

A Chinese father suffered a heart attack after trying to help his son with his math homework. 

After getting frustrated with his 3-year-old son’s math homework, Liu, 45, reportedly suffered a heart attack, as per Oddity Central.

The father had been experiencing mild pain in his chest every time he got upset with his child’s homework. However, this one time was extreme. After his son was repeatedly mistaking the same math question over and over again, Liu became heavily annoyed. That anger caused him sharp chest pain and shortness of breath. Not long after, he collapsed.

When the father woke up, he immediately sought medical help at the Third People’s Hospital in Shenzhen. Doctors told him he had suffered a heart attack.

Soon after arriving at the hospital, Liu passed out again. He suddenly started convulsing and frothing at the mouth. Thankfully, the medical staff quickly stabilized him and managed to perform various tests to diagnose his condition.

According to the doctors, the 45-year-old man had part of his main coronary artery clogged.

This was blocking the supply of blood to his heart. Despite being a heavy smoker for years, the cause of Liu’s heart attack was determined to be the intense stress he experienced while helping with his son’s math homework.

What’s more, the medical experts concluded that if the father had not gone to the hospital in time, his serious condition could have been deadly.

Following a life-saving operation, Liu was once again in stable condition. During his recovery, he remained at the Shenzen hospital.

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