Faith in humanity restored: 9 tweets about people who returned lost belongings in creative ways

Do you do the phone, keys, wallet check every time you leave home or work? How about the terrifying feeling you get when one of these is missing? Well, it happens, we can’t always be 100% focused on everything.

Fortunately, sometimes our lost things happen to be found by good and imaginative people.

Here are some tweets about people who returned lost possessions in creative ways.

The clever wallet return

Just the other day Tim Cameron tweeted about losing his wallet on his way home from work. There wasn’t an ID with an address or a name in Tim’s wallet. He had only his credit card there. According to him, it’s standard in the UK for your account details to be printed on your bank card.

What the person who found his wallet did was quite creative. Although they didn’t have the owner’s name, they still found out a way to be helpful. They decided to make four £0.01 payments into Tim’s account and add a message in the reference section. As the picture in the tweet shows, the full message is: “Hi! I found your wallet in the road.” It also has a phone number added, so Tim could call and get his wallet back. Isn’t that neat?

Many were fascinated by Tim’s story. This led to a whole thread of people sharing similar things, which is even more impressive. Here are some of the stories found in the comment section of Tim’s post.

The nice robber

The Kindle hack

Dentists can be helpful too

Lovely old couple

Paycheck restored

The friendly note

Return a wallet, get a three-course meal for free

A great moment to be thankful

People who are taking extra effort to do something good for a stranger are priceless. There are many more similar inspirational stories that restore our faith in humanity.

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