15 Key Characteristics of Extroverted Highly Sensitive People

What is the difference between an extrovert, an introvert, and a Highly Sensitive Person?

The principal contrast between introverts and extroverts is that introverts feel exhausted by social contacts, while extroverts are stimulated by those interactions. And what about Highly Sensitive People?

A highly sensitive person (HSP) feels the world differently than both extroverts and introverts.

This is a result of biological difference that is at work in HSPs. These people are more conscious about subtleties and they also process information more profoundly. Consequently, they tend to be more creative, insightful, and compassionate, but there is also a negative side. Sadly,they are more likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed with nervousness and anxiety. Even though being highly sensitive is perfectly reasonable, HSPs are often regarded as more or less as shy, insecure and therefore introverted.

But this is not the case!

Such people are just more complicated. And an HSP’s personality traits could well be combined with extroversion. It’s a tricky situation as It seems that extroverted HSPs possess strong desire of social interactions but could easily become overwhelmed.

Here are the opinions of the extroverted HSPs that talk about their personalities:


“I feel emotionally recharged after contacts with other people! But, also, as an HSP, I get exhausted from them quicker; following a long period of socializing, spending some time alone is crucial to me.”

Jenna relates to this opinion:

“It’s difficult yet stimulating to be on both side of the mood spectrum- you receive energy from social situations and this makes you happy but it comes at the price of an immense tiredness which is absolutely draining.”

So actually some Highly Sensitive People are extroverts.

Or at least 30% of them, according to different research. Still, it’s not easy to tell that if you are one of them, or if you’ve been dealing with such a person. That is why we have prepared a list of 15 key characteristics of extroverted HSPs.

Here they are:

1. You are the man or woman in love.

HSPs are genuine romantics and are usually pretty sexual. That is because they are very dependant on their emotions and being in love is their emotional peak. Of course, introverts adore falling in love too, but extroverts tend to be more openly passionate about it.

2. You don’t have a big circle of friends.

You only have a few close friends who are always there for you. Or you only have one best friend or a partner with who you spend all of your free time.

3. You tend to “retrieve” from other people’s company.

For you, it is not easy to explain that you need more time in your own company than a regular person. So if your friends don’t respect this need of yours, they run the risk of being rejected by you, at least for a short period of time.

4. Spending time in the company of others is something you would gladly do but only if you like them.

On the other hand, being around someone who you don’t think of as nice company could exhaust you and drain your energy. Such interactions usually make you feel unhappy and tired.

5. You care about other people’s opinion.

What makes you really happy is touching others emotionally, being liked by many or even being loved by them. That is why you would try to behave in a supportive and compasionate way with others. What is more, the fact that you are highly sensitive gives you the ability to feel true emapthy towards other people.

6. Although you might think you are happier on your own, it’s not really the case.

If you pay close attention to your mood you’ll notice that actually, you feel much happier when you are surrounded by nice people. And periods of loneliness come as a consequence of a too busy social life.

7. You are an intuitive person.

You can understand what people are actually thinking or feeling. That could be painful because you find it difficult to let go of people or situations.

8. When you were a kid you acted like an extrovert.

You were the child who was always inviting friends to come to your house or to play outside. Then, things changed because you underwent a trauma that made you choose solitude over social activities. The reason is that isolation helped you overwhelm your traumatic experience. It wasn’t a part of your character.

9. Your love is strong, complete and unconditional.

When you love someone this person becomes a part of you. However, getting to that level of attachment with another takes time and mutual efforts.

10. You make connections with people who you like effortlessly.

Oftentimes you could be really sociable which makes people feel comfortable in your company. On the top of that, you have a strong ability to relate to others which is a telltale sign of extroversion.

11. You feel personally touched when you notice someone is having issues with themselves but you cannot help them.

If you are an extroverted HSP you could even go as far as isolating yourself – because you are hyper-sensitive to other people’s problems and often take them too deeply.

12. You are outgoing but you have your limits.

When you’re with friends, you could be the life of the party. However, the crowds and noise could be exhausting for you, and you want a recovery period afterward.

13. You seek other people’s approval.

This may sound unpleasant but is a well-known social desire. Craving others to like or respect you usually means that at some point you might suffer from social anxiety if this is not the case. These problems derive from the fact that you cannot accept people who are disapproving of you as negative opinions about your personality could heart your feelings.

14. Another example of your extroversion is that you can enjoy being around others.

This is because you feel no social responsibility to relate to or bond with someone you don’t know well. We shouldn’t forget that HSPs usually feel drained if they have to connect with people on a personal level too often.

15. Last but not least…

… your goal in life is not to stay away from people, but to keep the right ones close to you no matter what.

Do you think you are an extroverted HSP?

Please, share your opinion.

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