Excited dog slides down icy road to give his owner adorable gift

This adorable 8-month-old pooch in China could not hold his joy after finding a beautiful tree branch as a gift for his owner. 

In a heartwarming video, ‘Cake’, the golden retriever, can be seen with the branch in his mouth while trying to run in the direction of his owner before starting to slide down the glitchy winter road.

Ms. Ou, who has been caring for Cake with her husband since he’s been a baby, told Daily Mail that her dog is bringing her twigs as a way to express his love.

The touching moment was recorded when Ms. Ou took her dog along to accompany her husband to work.

The family had no choice but to travel on foot since the roads had been frozen and closed down.

On their way back, Cake suddenly started to run towards something she noticed in the distance.

The dog then returned with a tree branch in his mouth.

Ms. Ou said:

“He picked up a tree branch as a present for me again. He loves doing it. He was also really happy to see snow for the first time.”

Cake was so excited to show his owner what he found that he started running towards her.

But he didn’t consider that he would lose his footing and start sliding down the road due to it being frozen.

Eventually, he reached his destination and Ms. Ou received her amazing present.

“I thought he was so adorable but I also felt really bad,'” Ms. Ou said.

The video also touched the hearts of many people from around the world after Ms. Ou shared it online. 

One person said jokingly:

“So cute! This furry car is skidding!”

Another person wrote:

“This made me laugh so much. Make sure to check his brakes, don’t think they’re working.”

You can see the adorable video by clicking below.

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