Evicted COVID-19 Doctor ‘told to buy tent’ By Landlady

A doctor who made the choice to help the NHS in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis was thrown out of his home in Herefordshire and told to get a tent to live in.

Vincent Okafor was evicted by his landlord with a notice of only a few days due to fears of him getting infected by coronavirus at the Hereford County Hospital where he was volunteering.

Struggling to find a roof over his head, he said one landlady he went to suggested he buy himself a tent and sleep in it.

Vincent, who is from Birmingham was hired by Hereford County Hospital a month and a half ago in order to help in the fight against the pandemic.

He was living in a room at a house in Hereford, but in the last week of March he was forced to vacate only four days after he moved in.

Doctor Ail El Tayar, who was the first working NHS surgeon to pass away from COVID-19, had been living in the exact same place while he was saving lives at Hereford County too.

Vincent said he didn’t know what to do as he

“didn’t have anywhere to stay to help the people I was recruited to come and help”.

He sought the help of a number of people through a list given to him by the hospital’s accommodation officer and sent messages to many, but he failed to find luck.

One person said she had no vacant spots after he mentioned he was helping the hospital during the crisis.

“She asked, ‘why don’t you buy a tent?’,” Vincent said.

“I thought to myself, even if I were to do that, where would I pitch up? At the KFC car park?”

Thankfully, Vincent was kindly offered a place to stay while he sat in his car with all his belongings after the end of a shift.

Naturally, this gesture of kindness lifted his spirits up, and despite all that he went through he didn’t hold anything against his ex-landlord.

“I suppose in every community there are always going to be very good people and not so good people,” he said.

The struggling doctor had finished his work in Hereford for London two weeks prior to being evicted.

“It goes to show that my former landlord was justified in evicting us from his house,” he said.

Vincent noted that in his last week in Hereford he had isolated himself and did not suffer any coronavirus symptoms before going back to his family in Birmingham a few days ago.

Currently, concerns are being raised that medical workers in the UK are still not being equipped with the proper protective gear while they fight to save the lives of their patients. 

Just this week, three London nurses were infected by the virus just days after medical workers at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow where they worked were photographed wearing garbage bags.

Hopefully, soon all medical workers will be supplied with live-saving protective gear.

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