‘Entitled’ Parents Reserve Park Benches For 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party With ‘Rude’ Note

The parents of a 4-year-old have been criticized as ‘rude and entitled’ after they put ‘reserved’ notes on three park tables for their child’s b-day party. 

The organizers ‘reserved’ the tables by putting table clothes and leaving an infuriating note warning other parkgoers against using them.

‘Reserved for a birthday party. Please respect the space we’ve set aside and do not use our tables,’ the note read.

‘This is for a four-year-old’s party, don’t be the one to mess it up, thankyou.’

As a result of the passive-aggressive note, no one sat at the tables but many people were enraged about the situation.

One person shared a photo of the empty, yet decorated tables on Reddit where they shared their thoughts:

‘Busy public park on a hot Saturday/Labor Day weekend. Seems super entitled. Park has been open for four hours and no sign of them. All the other tables are full,’ they wrote.


It was also revealed that the tables remained unused for 6 hours before the loud party goers arrived carrying a portable speaker.

‘The rangers had to come and have a very long chat with them, after that they settled down,’ they explained.

And while no one chose to sit on the tables, displeased families sat on the ground with blankets.

Online commenters were just as disgusted by the crowd’s behavior and likened it to reserving a pool chair at 7am only to arrive at 3pm.

One woman said:

‘Several people could have used the chairs and left by the time they even showed up. Do you think this is entitlement or an extreme lack of awareness? I guess both types of people probably do this.’

Another wrote:

‘I understand them wanting to make sure they have seats for a party they want to throw in a public park, but preventing everyone from using them all day when they’re not even there yet wasn’t a great choice.’


Most commenters agreed that the family had no right to act like they own the tables, with one person saying:

‘Dads have been sent to sit at park tables to mind them for parties forever – the difference is it is a person not a rude not.’

Another wrote:

‘I think if you want to hold the table you need to station someone there to wait all day, otherwise it’s first come first serve.’

Others were of the mind that adding a time to the note would have been much more acceptable.

‘Yeah, I really want to be on their side because I know even when you reserve tables at the park, sometimes people refuse to move, but without a time on the note, the note is just useless.

‘We’re having a birthday party for our four-year-old at noon. Feel free to use this table until then, but please leave it by noon so we can celebrate this special day with our family.’ Something like that,’ one person wrote.

The Reddit post received around 5000 comments, and a very small portion of them sided with the party organizers. 

The poster also noted that park officials do not take official reservations.

‘I am also here with 10 kids doing a party, and we got here when the park opened to make sure we had space for all our guests. Silly me,’ they said.

‘The fact that the note was written aggressively while also depending on other people’s decency to allow them to bend common courtesy that i found annoying. Its rude and mannerless. I would not respond in kind of course.’

Some Redditors suggested that people who wanted to sit on those tables should have just thrown the coverings and note in the trash.

‘They can’t prove it wasn’t there when you sat down.’

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