Employees could receive two days of paid leave to grieve for deceased pets under new Colombian law

Colombia workers may be given two days of paid leave when losing a pet. 

According to a bill brought forward by Liberal Party congressman Alehandro Carlos Chacon, employers would have to provide two days of paid leave following the death of an employee’s pet, Daily Mail reports.

As quoted by El Tiempo, Chacon said:

“There exists a familial relation not only between humans, but also a degree of ‘multispecies’ familiarity. Some people do not have children, but they do have a much-loved pet with which they develop a deep and brotherly bond.”

The congressman explained that the proposed paid leave would help people “overcome their grief and pain of losing these beloved animals without being preoccupied with their jobs.”

If approved, the bill will be relevant to most Colombian families, as six out of 10 households have pets. 

Although the legislation does not mention which animals are considered pets, it gives a definition of the word, saying that “a pet as an animal with which the owner had a strong sentimental bond.”

The bill specifies that a worker would only have access to the paid leave if they told their employer about the pet before its death and can provide evidence of the death. Besides, the employee should inform their boss that they have a pet at the beginning of their employment.

In case they get a pet after signing a contract with their employer, they must tell them not more than two days afterwards.

To become official, the legislation must pass four debates in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Since these debates can last longer than expected, there isn’t an exact schedule for when the bill might meet a final vote.

Do you agree employees deserve a two-day paid leave to mourn the loss of a beloved pet? Let us know in the comment section!

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