6 Reasons Why Empaths Make The Best Relationship Partners

It may seem that empaths are “too sensitive” for this world, but they serve a special purpose, and make some of the best relationship partners.

Empaths make up quite a sizable chunk of the population, so the odds of you crossing paths with one are relatively high. Dr. Elaine Aaron began conducting studies on Highly Sensitive people in the early 1990’s; she found that 15-20% of the population could be classified as highly sensitive (empathic), which means that their brains are simply wired to respond more emotively than that of their less sensitive peers.

Understanding why empaths respond the way they do in certain situations is important, especially if you happen to be romantically involved with one.

Below is a list of reasons why empaths make the best partners in a relationship.

1. They show you unconditional love.

The best reason of all… Love. Empaths in their highly sensitive and intuitive way, have an endless amount of love to give and will smother you in it until you too radiate with infinite amounts of love. Not this valueless, cheap and sleazy kind of love, but real, unconditional love, the kind that has the potential to save the world. If you are lucky enough to be romatically involved with an empath, expect them to give you their entire heart, all the time.

2. They’re eternally optimistic.

Empaths have a genuinely positive outlook on life, while people are arguing over whether the glass is half full or empty, empaths are the one’s refilling it so that the argument stops. Since they don’t partake in the lower vibrational activities such as hate-speech and spreading unneccessary rumours about people, you can expect deeper, more meaningful conversation that spans further than a brief observation of the sky and a comment on the state of the incoming cloud-cover.

3. They feel obliged to heal everything.

As well as wanting to understand every facet of your complex personality, empaths feel a moral obligation to heal you even if you’re not that broken. They will sit down and listen to your life-story, let you cry on their shoulder when you’re upset and will always find ways to restore your emotional state to try and heal you (and the world around you). They themselves have faced their many demons and understand what suffering is, they will always be there for you when things aren’t going that great.

4. They make your life a joy to live.

Since their mission in this world is to shine their super bright light and spread unconditional love all over the world, having an empath as a partner brightens up your life, surround yourself with them and the happiness they radiate. Empaths have figured out how to give up negative thinking patterns and swop them out for more positive habits.
Appreciate these kinds of people, being with them will bring you more happiness than you can imagine, consider yourself one of the fortunate ones.

5. They will always share their feelings with you.

Empaths are able to process emotions on a much deeper level than most and so are able to share their vulnerabilities with you easily, while providing you with a platform to lay yours out at the same time. They stand by the fact that bottling up your emotions can only lead to more drama in the future, so they advise against it.

6. They show loyalty like no-one else.

With unconditional love, comes unconditional loyalty. They know the pain of abandonment or betrayal from a “loved-one” and will never let the same fate befall you. They will put your needs before their own and do whatever is needed to make sure that you are taken care of. Empaths love with all their heart, all the time, no matter what your story is, show your appreciation and keep them close to your heart too and they will continue to shower you with infinite love.

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