Empathetic son shaves his head to make his cancer-battling mom feel less alone

A loving son shaved his head to help his mother feel less alone in her battle with cancer.

A now-viral video shows the emotional moment a thoughtful son helps his mother, who is cancer-stricken, to shave her head, and shaves his as an act of empathy.

Tycho, the kindhearted son, whose moving clip has gained thousands of likes on social media, says:

“My mom had to shave her hair because of chemotherapy. But I didn’t want her to feel alone.”

Although it took Tycho’s mother a few moments to realize what her compassionate son was doing, she was deeply touched by his benevolent gesture.


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The young man ends the video with the words:

“Zero regrets. I love you 🤍

In a follow-up post, Tycho expresses gratitude for the immense support social media users have shown him and his mom. 

As per Newsner, the devoted son wrote:

“Many of you will have seen the video of my mother and me. We are overwhelmed by all the sweet comments and messages. I never thought my video would touch so many people. Also, I never expected that the video would get the reach it has.”


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However, Tycho reveals he does not want to stop by just shaving his head. In fact, he also wants to continue supporting his mother and other people diagnosed with cancer. He explains:

“I am going to run against cancer, along with many others, during the Marathon in Eindhoven. I’m participating to raise money for cancer research.

Moreover, he urges his followers to donate to the Netherlands’ KWF Dutch Cancer Society, which works on powering research and helping families affected by the disease.

Talking about the fundraiser, Tycho recalls:

“A while back, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. For a long time, I felt powerless because I couldn’t do anything to help.

I finally found a moment to do something to show that she is not alone: ​​shave my own hair too. I wanted her reaction on video as a reminder. I put this memory on social media, with my mother’s permission.”


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By the time of writing, the compassionate young man has raised €2,114(about $2,500) out of a €3,000($3,500) goal.

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