Why An Empath Couldn’t Tolerate Inauthenticity

Empaths – some facts

An empath is a person who is able to feel the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

Because of this, empaths feel very uncomfortable with inauthentic people that have a totally opposite personality:

Inauthentic individuals

Inauthentic individuals are fake. Those are people who could take on inauthentic traits if they feel urged to be someone they’re actually not. Usually, they think such behaviour could help and improve their chances of prosperity and success in life. Actually, most of us have displayed inauthentic behaviour at some point. Sometimes it’s better to put a mask on in order to avoid an unpleasant situation. Inauthentic people, however, have crossed the boundaries of normal interactions. They have lost their true identity. And their fakeness has become a way of life. Such people could be toxic to themselves and to their circle.

Why empaths are intolerant to fakeness

People who have an empathic personality can usually determine when another one is being genuinely kind or is wearing a mask so that others could view them positively. Such fakeness shakes an empath to the core. For empathic people, seeing a person playing friendly, while they are actually not, means this man or woman is someone who actually might be mean and hypocritical. To them, this is like poison penetrating their blood.

That’s why empaths, who are more than just being emotionally sensitive to the feelings of others, are regularly affected by such inauthentic behaviour. Empaths could absorb the energy of those around them and have a natural talent to perceive others’ passions and feelings. Specifically, empaths have a well-developed intuition that could identify fakeness. And when they notice such actions in another person, they are directly offended and negatively affected.

How empaths help others

If another person is weak or unstable, empaths want them to show their vulnerability. This way they can sympathise and try to assist them in defeating these negative emotions. In case someone lies that they are fine but they are not, actually, an empath couldn’t help. This not only stops an empath from helping, but it makes them upset. It turns out they are being lied to. If such a situation occurs, empaths could decide to leave the whole thing completely. After all, there are a lot of other people who empaths could help. So they need to preserve their positivism and empathetic attitude.

What empaths should do

Empaths should stay away from disingenuous people in order to preserve their own mental and physical energy. If empaths are in tricky situations for a lot of time, it could really become tough for them to talk coherently. And they can even get ill. No one likes feeling weak, and in a world in which millions or billions of individuals are lying all the time, empaths should proceed the way they feel they should and do what is required to help those in need. They should also avoid those people who could prevent them from doing what they have to.

Eventually, hiding your real character whether you’re an empath or not is tiring.

Behaving authentically and holding to your true nature, wouldn’t be beneficial only for the empaths in your circle. It could give you emotional freedom as well.

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