Emotional exhaustion is a danger to your mental and physical health, don’t let it get the best of you

Sometimes you can come to a point where just cannot go on anymore. A point of exhaustion. Whether it is due to work, relationship issues, or family feuds, emotional and spiritual exhaustion can occur for a number of reasons.

Below we have listed 5 signs that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted and need a little attention to comfort you.

1. You find yourself feeling emotional for no obvious reason

When you find yourself emotionally and mentally drained, you lose control over your emotions. You may start feeling anxious and depressed for no apparent reason. That is due to your feelings being out sync. Any emotion you go through will be heightened during this period of weariness.

2. You are mentally blocked

Being mentally blocked means feeling like a vital part of your brain has just stopped operating. This is a sure sign of mental tiredness that has existed since the dawn of time. A mental block means that your brain has come across a wall and needs time to rest in order to break through.

3.  Physical symptoms

Since your mind serves as the remote control of your body, when your mind is exhausted there will also be physical consequences. When emotional and mental exhaustion hits you, you may feel stomach aches, a loss of appetite, headaches, insomnia, and a loss a lack of energy.

4. You become forgetful

When your mind is exhausted, you may go through a period of memory loss. You may find difficulty in remembering things you’d normally remember with ease. Because of your tired brain, you may also have trouble focusing and solving even the simplest of problems.

5. You are overwhelmed

Emotional exhaustion will eventually lead to you being easily overwhelmed. When you find yourself in a neverendingly busy environment, each sensory input can contribute to your stress. This includes sights, sounds, and smells if you don’t take regular breaks.

The best thing you can do to keep mental and emotional exhaustion at bay is rest. Downtime is a crucial ingredient for a healthy mind. It must have the chance to rest and recover.

What do you do when you find yourself emotionally exhausted?

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