Educate Young Ones To Play: Fun Apps To Help Kids Learn Coding

It is never too early to train children to code.

Sooner or later, they are already growing up encircled by technology and are naturals when it comes to maneuvering smartphones, tablets, and computers as well.

There are several products available in the market that claim to educate kids to code, and the range can be vast. In the end, it narrows down to knowing your kid’s style of learning and commitment to learning how to code.

If you are worried that kids may not have developed the ability to code, or you do not carry coding tools to demonstrate programming skills, get rid of these concerns.

Here are the top beneficial apps and websites you can use to motivate your kid about coding and best of all, it does not require any coding experience at all!


Scratch hail from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the game draws attention on getting kids from ages 8 to 16 interested in coding.

Kids can program animations, games, and interactive scenarios that they can share with other active members of the Scratch community. Scratch is not only limited to age group specified earlier as the site points out. Any age groups can try out the game for a simple and pleasing coding lesson.

The game is available in at least 150 countries internationally and received fundings from several establishments along with Google, LEGO Foundation, Dell, and National Science Foundation. There is even a special section committed to educators called ScratchEd, which supports tutors with resources to introduce coding in school.


There is a considerable possibility your kid plays this blocky and pixelated game on phone, tablet, or computer. The game works as a system to keep children entertained and pleasantly occupied at the same time they also learn the essentials of coding.

Minecraft is a top-rated game globally that its videos become the number one most viewed gaming videos on YouTube.


The passage of the game presents “programming for kids, made with love.” It’s simple lessons mark little ones between kindergarten and fifth graders. As the K-3 course of study is all about fundamental learnings, both fourth and fifth-grade face developmental learning process.

The game supports the quality of programming which tutors JavaScript. Since JavaScript is a spectacular language for newbies, the fundamentals Kodable practices smart programming skills. To a great scope, Kodable demonstrates if/then decisions first to display the concepts of programming.

Kodable is an entertaining game as it puts traditional touches to games such as point scoring, the ruling of play, and competition with other players which is a great online marketing technique to facilitate engagement with a product or service.

Hackety Hack

Hackety Hack emphasizes on helping children who want to learn how to make software, and it is completely a Code Camp. It highlights on educating kids Ruby in a manner that is both easy and amusing.

It works with the “Shoes” toolkit, which intends to make it clear for people to develop programs using Ruby. Hackety Hack claims it is best for people without any programming or coding experience.


The game focuses on assisting children to learn to create anything from Web applications to custom games to actual hardware. The app Tynker is an excellent interactive tool to instruct your child to code.

It provides amusement and interactive tutorials, puzzles, exercises, and much more to help kids get curious about making their product. There are several methods for kids to learn on Tynker and it will offer the basis for the basics of programming.

Children can begin coding with icons and visuals, before proceeding onto the general code. Everything about the app is to make your child an expert programmer once they progress through the puzzles and games.


If you own an iPad, you can download Hopscotch application for your kiddos to educate them how to create simple games and pixel art. Little ones will learn to code as they play together with the games and watch educational videos too.

Kids can participate in different tasks to further enhance their skills as well as a community where they can pose questions when they run into any hurdles. The Hopscotch app is entirely free and intended for ages  9 to 11. The game is also popular among adults who likes entertaining and interactive game structure.


As this technology-driven community constantly improves, coding has become a basic ability to companies, making programming a wise choice of career. Knowing how to code using these games and app will surely help your kids learn the basics of coding step by step while having fun.

Author’s Bio:

Lisa Jones is a freelance blogger and a mother of two. Lisa loves to learn the basics of coding, and she loves to play games to make her study coding more entertainingly as she teaches her kids to code as well. She also writes to share her experiences with people who share the same interest.

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