Dying dog, starved to the brink of death by its owner, undergoes a ‘Miracle’ transformation

Whoever tells you miracles don’t exist, show them this uplifting story.

This little angel was in a lethal condition, but she found hope and loving people who didn’t give up on her.

Image credits: Rescue From The Hart

Sadly, there are people in this world who are not even worthy of calling themselves human beings. Their cruelty is demon-like, and often their victims cannot do anything to stop it. It’s absolutely unthinkable how could someone hurt such a pure soul like the pup in this story, Angel.

Before rescuers found her, Angel was severely abused and starved to death. Her previous owner tortured her for months. Her condition was critical. You could see her bones through her thin skin. Her organs had begun shutting down. The poor creature was dying. What she needed was a real miracle to survive.

Image credits: Rescue From The Hart

Luckily, someone contacted Rescue From The Hart, and they gave a promise to never give up on this innocent canine. Not only they devoted their care to her, but they also gave her the beautiful name Angel. And she truly is one.

With the help of kindhearted volunteers and experienced veterinarians, Angel was given a second chance in life.

Image credits: Rescue From The Hart

At first, they gave the pupper little amounts of food, as she was previously starved and her body wasn’t used to receiving normal portions for a pup of her age. If they gave her too much food, this could cause severe complications and even end her precious life.

Image credits: Rescue From The Hart

One day, thanks to the care, hope, and strength rescuers were giving her, Angel was able to stand on her own. She finally had the energy and the curiosity of a playful puppy. While her body was recovering and her energy levels were restoring, Angel’s soul was also healing.

Indeed, there are cruel people in this world who do terrible things to the most vulnerable and defenseless creatures. But there are many more pure-hearted ones who dedicate their lives to save those innocent souls and give them a second chance to live.

Image credits: Rescue From The Hart

Thanks to the amazing care of the rescuers and volunteers at Rescue From The Hart, Angel not only survived, but she had the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be truly loved.

Image credits: Rescue From The Hart

Although Angel’s touching story is from nearly five years ago, there are still many puppers like her living in the streets or with abusive owners. These poor souls need someone to love them and look after them, so they can have the wonderful life they deserve.

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