The drunk mind speaks the sober heart: 5 times you express your feelings via drunk-texting

Honestly, is there anyone out there who hasn’t done it?

Usually, drunk texts are pretty hilarious, but some of them can hit you right in the feelings.

In our drunken state, we are definitely not in our right mind, and texting someone is probably not the best idea ever. However, most of the time, that’s exactly what we do. And oftentimes, we wake up the next morning with a knot in our stomach and regret every single word we wrote the night before.

Once we sober up and remind ourselves what we have done and who we have texted, reality hits us hard.

We realize that texting this particular person wasn’t the best idea ever. In fact, it wasn’t even a good idea, it was quite a terrible thing to do.

But to be honest, many of those drunk texts resemble the things on our mind we’re too afraid to say out loud. As they say, drunk people always tell the truth.

Here are five times your drunk-texting is just you speaking your mind.

1. “I’ve had a crush on you for so long.”

This is one of the most common scenarios of drunk-texting. You’ve had a few glasses of wine with your friends, and you somehow gather the courage to tell your crush how you feel about them. At first, it seems like an incredible idea. But do you want this person’s first impression of you to be based on a sloppy drunk text? There are two possible outcomes of such an awkward situation. You were either absolutely lucky, and your crush finds your texting flirty and cute, or it was a complete dealbreaker, and you blew every chance you may have had with them.

2. “I love you.”

Perhaps, the drunk version of you starts telling everyone how valuable they are for you and how much you appreciate them. And it’s all fun and games until you send an “I love you” text to the wrong person. Well, saying someone you love them, and really mean it, is truly beautiful. However, doing it while you’re under the influence of alcohol is certainly not the most romantic way to express your feelings.

3. “Can you come over?”

It’s 3 a.m., you’ve had a wild night out, and now you’re going home. But there is probably no one there. The thought of no one to come home to, combined with the fact that you’re quite drunk at this particular moment, makes you feel extremely lonely. And what do you do to solve this problem? You drunk-text your ex or your last fling to come over. Unfortunately, the feeling of loneliness at suchlike moments can lead to many unhealthy decisions. Texting your ex is definitely one of them.

4. “Do you know what?! You’re pissing me off!”

Drunk-you is quite an emotional version of yourself. Under the influence of whatever substance you put into your system, your mood-swinging switch is almost uncontrollable. That’s why sometimes you get angry and decide you absolutely need to text someone who pissed you off a while ago. Though, you may not remember the exact reason why they frustrated you in the first place. However, you are dead sure they did something that triggered you before, and drunk-you wants to let them know they pissed you off.

5. “From now on, I’m going to…”

This type of drunk-texting is about making important decisions while you’re… well, not in your right mind. The feeling of responsibility is nowhere to be found, and you believe you’re invincible and able to achieve absolutely anything you desire. What’s more, you feel you need to state your decisions via text message, usually sending it to the last person you should be texting. And when you wake up the next morning and have a few painful flashbacks from the night before, you realize that decision-making while being drunk is definitely not something you should ever do.

Then you spend the rest of your day, hopefully not the rest of your life, thinking about all the awkward mistakes from the previous night.

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