Drunk man who was reported missing accidentally joined the search party looking for himself

A drunk man who was reported missing ended up joining the search for himself. 

After a night of heavy drinking, Bayhan Mutlu, 50, from İnegöl, Turkey, was reported missing. As per Unilad, his friends told the police that he had wandered away into woodlands while drunk and never came back.

Rescue teams from the Bursa region were instantly mobilized to search through the area. Several local residents also joined in the hunt, according to local news channel NTV.

At the first stage of the search, there were no traces of the missing man. However, things soon took a turn.

As participants in the hunt for Mutlu began calling out his name, a man amongst them came forward and asked: “Who are we looking for? I am here.” 

The rescue teams, as well as the rest of the people searching for the man, were baffled to find out he was there the entire time. Thankfully, the missing drunk man was safely returned to his home.

Though, no one could connect the dots of how Mutlu managed to join his own search party or how no one of his friends noticed.

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