Drunk man rides agitated giraffe at Kazakhstan zoo

Kazakhstan police are currently on the lookout for a man who carelessly leapt onto the back of a giraffe and started riding it while drunk in a zoo.

A drunk man was forced to hastily flee after his attempts to ride a full-grown giraffe at a zoo ended up in the agitated animal throwing him to the ground two times.

A video firstly shared on Instagram shows the man climbing the large fence of the giraffe’s enclosure and stroking it’s leaning neck before hopping onto the animal’s back.

The giraffe accepts the man onto its back and tolerates him for a brief moment before ejecting and throwing him onto the ground.

The man, however, makes a new attempt to climb the animal and is this time violently tossed to the ground.

In the remaining moments of the footage, the giraffe is visibly angered over the man’s behavior and forces him to climb back up on the fence to leave.

The police are currently on the lookout for the intruder who will likely be arrested over his stunt at Shymkent Zoo, one of Kazakhstan’s most popular tourist destinations.

Shymkent Zoo is spread over 130 acres and is home to over 1500 animals, including giraffes.

Only a month ago misbehaving visitors to a Beijing zoo, infuriated many people after they were recorded while throwing rocks at a large panda to “wake it up,” forcing authorities to come up with enhanced security measures for the safety of the animals.

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