Drunk Idaho Trump supporter arrested after flaunting gun at children

A drunk Idaho man was arrested after pulling his gun out on teens inside a haunted house. 

In the middle of a heated politics-based argument, a drunk man wearing a ‘Trump 2020 – F**k Your Feelings’ t-shirt pulled his handgun out on children. As Perco Lately reports, the Trump supporter is now facing five felony charges of aggravated assault.

Credits: Twitter

Joshua Lockner, 37, was arrested after police responded to a call by the security staff of The Haunted World in Caldwell. Authorities believe the man was drunk, as he was having certain speech difficulties while confessing to flaunting his gun in front of a group of teens. The incident was caught on camera.

As the video reveals, Lockner was triggered by a political argument he was having with someone at the house. When things got a little too personal, the drunk man got aggressive and decided to scare others away with his weapon.

The man can be heard openly threatening one of the children, shouting aggressively: “Put your phone down!”

After the man pulls his gun out, the teenagers begin screaming and trying to move as far away from him as possible. Some of them are heard asking whether he is drunk, to which he answers: “No, I’m proud!”

The haunted house conflict sparked a wave of social media users questioning gun culture in the United States.

Following the incident, not only will Lockner face charges of aggravated assault, but also of carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence.

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