Drugs May Hurt Your Relationship

We often discuss the harmful physical and psychological effects of drug abuse and alcohol addiction, but we often forget that it also has some strong impact on the person’s social health. It not only hurts physical and psychological but also social relationships. It becomes hard for a person to maintain good and healthy relations with their closed ones and the fact becomes obvious if you ever visit and interview people at Turning Point Rehab Center. You will find out that most of the people getting treatment there are the people who damaged their relationships after getting addicted to substance.

Here we’ll discuss some of the habits that develop in an addicted person which may ultimately hurt your relationship.

Damages to Relationship Because of Addiction

For a person addicted to a certain substance, it becomes hard to maintain a healthy relationship. It hurts their ability to understand because they are thinking about nothing else but drugs. Their main objective becomes just one, i.e. how to get substance and how to consume it. Such person’s life circle becomes limited, and he doesn’t want it to be get interrupted by anyone even if it’s his life partner. He can’t give proper time and energy to his family and relation.

Trust Issues

The person who gets addicted to substance always remains in the feeling of guilt and shame, and avoid facing people because he doesn’t want to be get judged as a weak or bad person. In this situation, he often tells a lie about where he is or what he was doing and where did he spend the money. He starts keeping secrets and this may lead to trust issues in the relationship.

The building of the relationship stands strong on three pillars, i.e., respect, honesty, and loyalty. Lying will shatter the central pillar, i.e. honesty and the relationship will be on stake just because of the substance abuse.

Anger and Abuse

When there come the trust issues in any relation, the conversations between the two becomes more like an interview. A person keeps asking the questions and the other keeps justifying them. This situation irritates more to a person who is already psychologically weak due to substance addiction. This irritation may lead to anger, violence, and abusive language. Living peacefully seems impossible and living together becomes hard.

There are certain substances which directly affects your mood and make you overly aggressive. The common substances which are known for increasing anger and irritation are alcohol, cocaine, steroids, crystal meth, and Ritalin. So, if a person is taking any such substance, he will become aggressive, irritated, and mad at very tiny matters. And this will directly harm the relationship and the family as well.

If you find these sudden changes in your relationship and you find that your partner is lying to you and the reason is not another affair, then the obvious reason is that your partner is addicted to substance. You need to consult some psychiatrist or some specialist to bring your partner out of this misery.

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