Drug Dealer, 18, Imprisoned After Selling Cocaine ‘At Cheapest Price’ On Snapchat

A teen drug dealer has been put behind bars after advertising drugs on his Snapchat.

18-year-old Ethan Pope from Caerphilly, South Wales, started dealing drugs at the age of 15 and would offer discounts for big chunk sales over £1,000, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

He would post photos of his supply on Snapchat, bragging about the white powder saying it was the ‘rawest about at the cheapest price’.

Ethan Pope. Image: Gwent Police

But the days of drug glory didn’t last long for Ethan as he was reported to police by a ‘disgruntled’ friend of his, according to prosecutor David Pinnell.

Police raided his house and found £1,000 worth of marijuana.

According to the court, Ethan was working with former friends Adam O’Reilly, 18, and Kane Watkins, 19, before they broke apart.

He was reportedly selling the drugs between December 2017 and November 2020.

Image: Gwent Police

He pleaded guilty to being involved in supplying cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, marijuana, and Xanax. 

Ethan also admitted possession with intent to distribute marijuana and ketamine and possession of Xanax. He will serve 3 years behind bars.

Image: Gwent Police

His former friends, who are also from the same area, were imprisoned for 3 years last autumn. 

Judge David Wynn Morgan told Ethan:

“Class A drugs are a scourge. They create havoc within the communities in which they are rife.

They cause misery and degradation. You were dealing in these drugs over a significant period of time and in significant quantities.

You have done a very wicked thing indeed. You need to stop doing it.”

Kane Watkins and Adam O’Reilly. Image: Gwent Police

Following the hearing, Police Constable Rhys Jones said:

“He boasted how much money he was making and had taken over as the main supplier from his other defendants who are now in jail.

Pope is now paying the ultimate sacrifice and is starting a lengthy prison sentence where he can now reflect on his life choices.”

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