Dozens of shoppers gather to buy new Air Jordan kicks in Atlanta after the lockdown was lifted

In Atlanta, people are putting their own health at risk to buy the new Air Jordan sneakers, just a few days after the lockdown was lifted.

Only a week after the stay-at-home orders were lifted and businesses were allowed to reopen, Georgia residents rushed to the malls and stores in the state.

On May 2nd, the NBC News producer Charlie Gile posted a shocking video on his Twitter account. The footage displays how impatient people at the Greenbriar mall were to buy themselves a fresh pair of kicks that were reportedly sold out online.

Dozens of shoppers waited for the stores to open, so they can spoil themselves with a new pair of ‘Fire Red’ Air Jordans, as reported by the NY Post. Apparently, none of them was worried about the terrifying possibility of a second coronavirus outbreak.

What’s more, not only quite a lot of people were gathered in front of the ‘Jimmy Jazz’ shoe store, but many others were lined up outside the Greenbriar Mall as well. In a follow-up tweet, the NBC producer posted another video, showing even more people waiting for the stores to open outside the mall’s doors.

Gile shares that everyone he talked to said they were in line for “a new Air Jordan 5 that sold out online”.

On April 24th, Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp lifted the lockdown orders in the state.

His decision to start reopening businesses faced a lot of accusations for being too much too soon, as Newsweek reports. Furthermore, on April 27th, the governor shared his view on what the path forward should look like. He also acknowledged contrasting opinions on the process of lifting the lockdown and when it’s best to happen. However, Kemp defended his decision, pointing out the positive descending trends in COVID-19 cases in the state.

Moreover, in an official statement, President Donald Trump also criticized the Republican governor of Georgia for lifting the lockdown too early. Trump said:

“I told the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities… It’s just too soon, I think it’s too soon…
Safety has to predominate.”

Here’s a video of President Trump’s speech on the subject, posted by ABC News:

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