Dozens Of German Catholic Priests To Defy Vatican And Live-Stream Blessings Of Gay Couples

In Germany, dozens of Catholic priests are protesting against the Vatican’s decision to NOT bless same-sex marriages. 

Catholic priests in Germany are slamming Pope Francis after he declared they could not give their blessings for same-sex unions since God does “not bless sin.” The outraged pastors are even planning to live-stream blessings of gay couples to assert their position against the Vatican’s position regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Credits: Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

As UNILAD reports, dozens of Catholic theology professors in Germany signed a statement opposing Pope Francis’ stance. In a declaration titled “Love Wins,” they have expressed their support for same-sex couples.

The statement reads:

“We respect and value their love, and we also believe that God’s blessings are on them. Theological arguments and knowledge gained are sufficiently exchanged.

We do not accept that an exclusive and outdated sexual morality is carried out on the back of people and undermines our work in pastoral care.”

The Catholic priests protesting against the Vatican’s portion have released a list of live-stream church services where they will be blessing gay couples. 

Credits: Yannis Papanastasopoulos / Unsplash

The LGBTQ+ blessings will take place across the country around May 10. What’s more, the church of St. Marien-KircheNordstraße would be hanging a massive banner over their door, saying: “You love each other? We bless you!”

The church explained:

“This is how it should be: We would like to celebrate and bless the gift of love with everyone ‘who love each other,’ all couples, friendships, love relationships. All who reflect the colorfulness of God’s love in their lives!”

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