Doorbell cam shows officers storming the WRONG home holding mom and newborn at gunpoint

“If you don’t have a Ring doorbell camera already, go get one because that thing literally SAVED MY LIFE.” – U.S. Marshals held a mom and her newborn at gunpoint before finding out they were at the wrong address. 

On Friday, October 22, Kada Staples and her baby were asleep when they heard heavy knocking on their front door. It came from armed officers who shouted: “U.S. Marshals. Come to the door!” 

The 22-year-old Florida mom quickly put her dog in its cage and went to the door holding her newborn. Without asking any questions, the armed agents barged past the woman into her apartment.

As per Unilad, the terrifying scene was caught on a Ring doorbell camera. Kada posted the footage on TikTok, explaining:

“Me and my newborn baby had guns pointed at us from every direction, and they were at the wrong place.”


me and my newborn baby had guns pointed at us from every direction and they were at the wrong place im shaking they literally could’ve killed us #fyp

♬ original sound – Kadalee 💸💓

“I’m shaking, they literally could’ve KILLED us.”

Following the incident, the young mom told WFTS:

“They pushed me out of the way and they’re holding me and my baby at gunpoint. And I’m freaking out because there’s seven or eight of them with guns and they’re screaming at me that they know he’s in there.”

When the frightened woman opened the door, an agent was already holding a gun “about a foot away” from her head. Once the Marshals realized they were at the wrong address, they “all run out” while repeatedly saying: “That’s the wrong apartment.”

Speaking to WFLA, Kada added:

“They did come back like an hour later and said, ‘We just want to explain to you that we saw a Black male run upstairs and we thought he came to your apartment but he didn’t go to your apartment and it turns out it wasn’t the Black man we were looking [for].'”

In a follow-up video, she advised anyone who still doesn’t have a doorbell camera to “go get one” because it “literally saved [her] life.” She added:

“If I would not have seen that they were out there, they were going to bust the door down and come in, and I don’t know what would have happened if I wouldn’t have known they were there.”


Reply to @jerzed0ll @Ring #ringdoorbell #fyp

♬ original sound – Kadalee 💸💓

Reportedly, the agents were searching for Shamar Johnson – a man wanted on a homicide warrant.

He was later found and arrested in an apartment on the same floor as Staples.

The distressed mom said she has struggled to fall asleep ever since the incident. She noted:

“I think it happens more than people know, and it can happen to absolutely anybody.” 

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