Don’t Miss these 4 awesome cosmic events in October!

October 2020 is filled with incredible celestial events. There will be two Full Moons, a striking meteor shower, and stunning close approaches by other planets. The sky throughout the whole month will give us a magnificent combination of unforgettable views and experiences. 

Here are the 4 most impressive night sky events you shouldn’t miss in October: 

1. October 2nd – Close approach of the Full Moon & Mars

Not only will there be a Full Harvest Moon, but the red planet will also make an exciting appearance. On October 2, Mars and the Moon will be so close to one another that the amazing scene will be easily spotted from Earth. They will pass within 0°39′ of one another. What is more, the Moon will be 98% illuminated! While using a pair of binoculars will surely get you a more precise view, you will still be able to see the thrilling celestial event with an unaided eye. Depending on where you live worldwide, the upcoming Full Moon could also fall on the night of October 1 and will appear full for around three days. 

2. October 13th – Mars will be at its brightest until 2035

On the night of October 13, when Mars reaches opposition, Earth will be right between the red planet and the sun. Therefore, as seen from Earth, Mars will appear opposite the sun. This year’s opposition is exquisite because the fiery red colors of Mars will be at their brightest until the year 2035! As the red planet will be closest to us throughout October 2020, it could outshine all the stars in the sky. The year 2020 was called ‘The year of Mars’ for a reason! 

3. October 21st – Orionid Meteor Shower

The Orionid Meteor Shower will give you the ideal opportunity to have a dazzling night of stargazing. It will be most visible between October 20 and 24, but the peak will occur after midnight on October 21. The magnificent meteor shower will produce up to 70 shooting stars per hour! Moreover, the breathtaking scene will be easily seen as the moonlight won’t surpass the meteors. This means that the sky will be as dark as possible, giving us the perfect conditions for a night filled with stargazing.

4. October 31st – Uranus closest and largest for 2020

The night of Halloween will give us an amazing chance to observe Uranus while at opposition. The sideways planet will be the closest, brightest, and largest for this year. Uranus will be visible for most of the night and will reach its highest point in the sky around midnight. What is more, on the night of October 31, there will also be a Full Moon. This year’s Halloween will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

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