‘Don’t let me die’: NHS nurse battling coronavirus begged her colleagues to save her

A nurse struggling with coronavirus begged the medics who treated her to save her life for the sake of her children.

Kelly Ward, who has been a nurse for 12 years now, started showing symptoms of the virus during a hospital shift. Currently, she remains in a serious condition at Bradford Royal Infirmary in West Yorkshire, as reported by Mail Online.

Image credits: Mercury Press

The 35-year-old mother started writing in a diary, where she describes her unfortunate coronavirus experience. In ‘My Covid Journey’ Kelly explains how on April 19th, while driving home, she suddenly ‘went really weak.’ According to The Sun, the nurse from Shipley, West Yorkshire, said:

“I was literally sweating and freezing my way through the night spiking temps etc and felt really short of breath.”

With the help of her fiance, Ryan Golding, Kelly got to the hospital, as she had a COVID-19 test. She was given oxygen and moved to the A&E’s high dependency unit for cardiac monitoring. Ms. Ward shares:

“I’d lost all taste and appetite, felt so dry because of the oxygen I was on, and I didn’t know if I could even move. I eventually fell asleep but not for long, was dripping with sweat and I woke up with a start and panicked, really panicked.”

On April 21st, Kelly was given a CT scan. Then, she was asked by an ICU consultant if she would take part in a clinical trial for medications that could help coronavirus patients. Later that night, the medical team insisted on urgently putting the nurse on a CPAP machine to help her breathing. As she stresses, ‘they wanted to do it NOW’.

Understandably, the mother-of-two started to panic.

She was thinking about her children and how she hadn’t yet seen them.

Moreover, she was concerned about what might happen if she doesn’t make it. These thoughts frightened the coronavirus struggling woman.

Image credits: Mark Lister / The Sun

Ms. Ward explains she was uncomfortably fitted with the mask as if someone was pressing down over her nose and mouth. At some point, she didn’t think she could make it, so she started panicking, asking the medical staff to take it off as soon as possible. She shares:

“I knew one of them; we worked together previously and I said to her:
‘Don’t let me die’.”

The nurse’s condition seemingly improved, as her appetite returned for the first time in days. However, within four days, Kelly was back on the CPAP machine. She was feeling weaker, and she was unable to get out of bed.

When she saw the ICU consultant, the 35-year-old mother begged him to do whatever it takes to save her.

He promised he would do everything possible to help her. Kelly wrote:

“We came to a conclusion – the consultant offered another version of ventilation that will hopefully give me my lungs what they need pressure wise and I’ve to prone as much as I can. Obviously I will do whatever I can to beat this because my babies need me, so I, of course, agreed to go on it and have now been on it for around 4 hours now and am being closely monitored.”

She continued:

“It’s going to be a very long road but I’m going to win this battle. Please, stay safe, and stay home.”

On April 28th, Ms. Ward shared her consultant believes she was ‘over the worst’.

Image credits: Mercury Press

She admits that at the same time the previous week, she was ready to say her last goodbye. But now, she believes ‘things are turning the right way’. As she thanks the Bradford Royal staff for helping her in the coronavirus battle, she says:

“I am a front line worker, yes but I’m a Mum and a partner and I have to keep my fight up with this. Not just physically but mentally too. I don’t want sympathy, I want to raise SO much awareness that this hideous illness can really strike ANYONE at anytime so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay home.

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