Don’t be Afraid to Put An End If You Are Not Loved Back

Hope for the best, but expect the worst

When it comes to relationships we hope for the best, but sometimes it’s the worst we face. Sadly, no matter how much love and understanding we put in a relationship, things might just not be working out. We realize the spark once setting us on fire is long gone as is the love of our partner. They now seem distant and reserved.

When love is gone

Is there point, then, in maintaining a deprived of love and affection relationship? Do you think spending time bringing to life feelings that had died is wise? Is it worth the effort? Do you still harbor hope that one fine day you will wake up and it’ll all be the same as before?

letting go is the wisest decision

No, you don’t think so and you are perfectly right. And yes, you took the right decision by leaving the sinking ship of this relationship. It’s not your fault! You did everything you could have. But no matter what you did it wasn’t enough. It was not appreciated. So please, don’t feel guilty. It’s not your fault you are not loved. Just have the courage to move on!

Don’t blame yourself

The most important thing to remember is not to blame yourself! You are the broken hearted, not the guilty who ruined the happiness. Remember – a good relationship is made by two, so is a bad one! And don’t be ashamed to feel disappointed if the person you loved hadn’t loved you as you deserve. Disappointment is fine. Letting go of the one who didn’t love you back also!

It’s not over yet

Unfortunately, it does not all end with saying goodbye. The harder part is to let go of the pain and to heal your wounds. And this might take time. Give yourself enough time to be alone, to cry, to shout, to grieve and to be angry! And don’t harass yourself with questions what brought you to this sad ending. Be strong, be patient and try to forgive the one who misled you.

Don’t forget the lesson

And when this story becomes just a distant memory / and it will surely do/, remind yourself the lessons you’ve learnt. Remember all the stages that you’ve been through and how you got over it. And most importantly, don’t let anyone disappoint you anymore! It’s happiness in love that you are after and a partner who makes you truly happy is what you need!

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