Don’t Abandon Kindness Because Of Toxic People

Our world has a lot of darkness in it and many people do horrible things to those they claim to love and care for, but you can be different.

Yes, it might not be easy to stay positive in the face of all that is negative but you are fully capable of pushing through it and being a good person.

And don’t feel bad for sometimes wanting to be just as cold as those around you, that’s normal. The important thing, however, is to not give in. You are a kind and special human being and you must not let anything destroy the light within you. Because people like you are important to this world.

Needless to say, you should not be standing motionless while others treat you badly, but you should be working towards bringing kindness to the lives of those around you.

Some people will do anything to see you fail and while their actions might stun you at first the more you work through it the more you will learn to sense the nastiness as it tries to hurt you and thus shield yourself from harm.

Going against a toxic person using their methods won’t help anyone. What you need to do I make sure that you are not letting the anger they’ve made you feel change who you are as a person. Instead of succumbing to the pain, embrace the healing.

And while there will be times when you will feel as if your kindness is going unnoticed and even that you’re being used for other people’s selfish gains, your efforts will pay off when the time is right. Whether those around you are appreciating what you’re doing for them or not, you are special and you are making a true difference in our world. Yes, some things you’re going up against are more difficult to solve than others but that does not mean you should quit.

Life is much too short and before you can realize it those who try to make you crawl through the mud will be long gone.

They will no longer have power over you and you will be able to keep on bringing goodness to people. You can remove them from your life and take a different path to go down without having to resort to behaving the way they do.

The road we all travel along in life is a difficult one but it is the difficulties we face that make us stronger while helping us find ourselves, and the more we go against that natural path the worse it becomes for us. If you want to be truly happy you have to release the power within. Become the person you dream of becoming and do good for those in need.

And while life isn’t going to be all sunshine, things will happen at the right time, the way the universe intended them to.

As difficult as it may be to deal with toxic people, becoming one of them yourself is not the solution to your problems. So, keep on being who you are and help make this world a better place.

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