Dog overcomes crippling anxiety — with his own emotional support dog

This adorable dog overcame his crippling anxiety thanks to his own emotional support dog!

  • Arnold the Weimaraner started suffering from crippling anxiety after a bloody fight with a German Sheperd when he was little.
  • He managed to overpower his deep emotional trauma with the help of his own therapy dog.
  • The dogs quickly became best friends and are inseparable ever since.

A horrific encounter with a much larger German Shepherd left deep emotional scars in Arnold the Weimaraner ever since he was a little puppy. Now, the two-year-old dog has managed to survive his anxiety with the help of his own therapy pupper – a friendly miniature dachshund named Frank.

Prior to the mauling experience, Arnold also suffered from separation anxiety. His owner, Carolyn Manalis of Perth, Australia, witnessed how her four-legged buddy became even more nervous and fearful when around big, barking dogs.

As per the New York Times, after Carolyn adopted the pint-sized miniature dachshund, it didn’t take much until e became a full-time emotional support dog. Even though the dogs have a one-year gap and obvious size difference, Frank quickly became Arnold’s best friend helped him overcome his severe mental health issues.

Carolyn told Caters News:

“The bond these two dogs have is just insanely beautiful. They are so connected and loving and supportive of one another. If one ever cries, the other one is there in half a second to check they are OK. Their love is unconditional, regardless of their size or breed.”

Frank the Weiner has helped Arnold to ‘regain his confidence’ while learning that not every time another dog approaches him he is going to get attacked.

Тheir loving owner says:

“Having a little friend to play with has been the perfect therapy for Arnold to heal.”

Carolyn admits her puppers’ special connection works both ways. She shares that her two-year-old Weimaraner taught little Frank everything he knows, as she couldn’t give him as much training attention as she gave Arnold.

“Arnold taught Frank how to be house trained, how to bark at intruders, how to chase a ball, how to stand and wait to have his collar and leash put on, how to sit and to wait before crossing the road. Everywhere Arnold walks, Frank will follow.” 

You can also follow these adorable BFFs on their Instagram account, where they share heart-melting bits of their special bond.

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