Great News: Dog found buried alive is now fully recovered

In July this year on a Hawaiian beach, a member of the organization PAWS of Hawaii found a little puppy buried alive in the sand.

The dog was badly injured and was missing almost 90% of its fur. Fortunately, the puppy was quickly rushed to the Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services where they took care of it.

Credit: PAWS Hawaii
Credit: PAWS Hawaii

Thankfully, this little fighter was fostered by a lovely family. Her name is Leialoha, which means “beloved child”. Leia’s new owner Amanda saw the puppy’s devastating story online and immediately took action.

“My heart was broken and I knew she needed us to foster her.”

The poor dog suffered from severe burns, injuries, and dehydration.

However, thanks to the effective treatment she received at the veterinary and the loving cares of her foster family, Leialoha quickly bounced back. As a matter of fact, after only one week in her foster home, little Leia was slowly coming out of her shell. At first, she was afraid of humans but later she started to bond with the unique curiosity of a little puppy. The inspiring recovery story of Leialoha seized the hearts of many.

Credit: PAWS Hawaii

PAWS of Hawaii are amazed:

“Leialoha made the fastest recovery we have yet to see from a dog in her condition.”

The organization is genuinely grateful to Amanda for providing incredible and lifesaving care to Leialoha. They have been sharing photos and videos of her recovery journey. Her healing process went so fast it is almost unbelievable. Many people around the world are sharing their love and prayers for sweet Leia. On one of her latest updates, they say that Leialoha is now ready to fly off to her ‘forever home’.

She looks happier than ever!

Credit: PAWS Hawaii
Credit: PAWS Hawaii

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