Dog comforts puppy that was shot, dragged and left for dead

Only 3 months old, the little boxer puppy Sammie almost lost his life after some very cruel treatment.

The unfortunate dog was shot in the head, dragged behind a car, spray-painted blue, and left to die.

This horrible incident happened in May 2016. The puppy was brought to Paws & Claws Animal Clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. Luckily, the bullet, a .22 caliber, didn’t pierce the boxer’s scull. Sammie’s treatment was covered by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Meanwhile, a heartwarming bond occurred between the little boxer and Simon, another dog suffering from the skin disease mange.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted an uplifting photo of the two dogs where Simon is comforting Simon.

The image is a perfect example that animals are compassioned too.

A perfect example which shows us that our companion animals DO FEEL pain and show compassion for others ….Do not ever…

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In the description of the photo they share:

“Last night Simon came in to check on Sammie and see how he was feeling…. Sammie accepted Simons’s soft touch and was grateful for the love and affection that Simon showed him.”

Sammie and Simon were saved from different shelters and brought into the Columbia clinic for treatment.

The two rescue dogs formed an amazing and inspiring friendship. Dr. Mike Suer, the owner of Paws & Claws shared with PEOPLE that his clinic is focused on socializing the animals and especially the puppies. So, when they let Simon of his cage, he went straight to the little boxer.

As the time passed, Simon continued to check on his new buddy. Fortunately, Sammie was quickly recovering, undoubtedly with the help of his supportive and comforting friend.

Later, In June 2016, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted an update for Sammie’s health improvement. They shared their bitterness of whoever did those horrible things to this sweet puppy. Furthermore, they stated that Sammie was doing amazing, enjoying the love of his foster family. Above all, he is looking happier than ever! This little fighter is a real survivor.

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