Dog befriended a tiny stray kitten found abandoned on a farm

A loving dog befriended a tiny kitten found lost on a farm.

The dog’s owner, Morgan, who has also 4 more four-legged favorites, wasn’t really planning to become a cat mom. But life had other plans for her. This adorable little kitty-cat found her way into Morgan’s home.

One day, Morgan heard a strange noise coming from outside her farm. It was a small kitten’s meows. The woman shares with Love Meow that at first, she tried to call for the kitty, but it was too hard to find it in the thick layer of trees out behind our farm.

“We took one of our big cats out to where she was crying, and he sniffed her right out. She was in a little tree stump.”

They didn’t know what to do, so they decided to leave the kitten where they found it, to see if its mom would return. Of course, they were watching over the newborn the whole time. Unfortunately, after waiting for a few hours, its mom didn’t show up, and they knew they had to do something.

“When it got dark we got nervous about her because we live on a farm where foxes come around a lot. So I went out and brought her inside. She couldn’t see a thing and was covered in fleas.”

Morgan named the kitten Polly. They got her a warm bath and removed all the pesky fleas off her coat.

And the best thing is, their 12-year-old dog Paxton fell in love with the kitten and started taking care of her from the very first moment they met.

The warmth and comfort of Pax’s fur made little Polly get attached instantaneously. She curled up next to him and quickly fell asleep. Clearly, she didn’t want to be left alone ever again. Thankfully, Pax didn’t mind at all.

Polly’s new owner, Morgan, bottle-fed her for three weeks until she was ready to be weaned. And whenever it was mealtime, Paxton would patiently wait until the kitten eats up her food.

“Before she could bathe herself, Pax would clean all the bottle milk off her. He has taught her so many dog things, including an off barking noise she makes.”

Polly and Pax are now inseparable.

They are going everywhere together around the house. Polly is like a little tiny shadow to Pax. They eat, play, cuddle, and sleep together all the time.

“They sleep together and play with the same toys. She loves to race at the speed of light and pole vault off him.”

The unusual friendship between Polly and Pax is growing stronger every day. The kitten was lucky enough to find a loving home and an amazing best friend!

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