Doctors Warn ‘Vabbing’ Trend Could Lead To Infertility And Other Complications

A new TikTok trend called ‘vabbing’ has doctors concerned about women. 

Although many women say this is a great way to attract partners, doctors have issued a warning against participating in the trend as it may cause thrush and infertility.

Vabbing is a mix of the words ‘vagina’ and ‘dabbing’, and translates to using vaginal fluids as a perfume for luring in potential mates.


Through ‘vabbing’ many women believe sexual desire in the opposite sex can be triggered the same way as it works in the animal kingdom. 

The vabbing movement has amassed more than half a billion views and many people have claimed that it actually works. However, they might want to be more careful with it in the future as medical experts have warned that it could impact their health, and gynecologist Uma Vaidyanathan of Fortis Hospital has even said that vabbing doesn’t actually work.

“The concept of pheromones exists in animals,” she told the Indian Express. “But, we are an evolved species. All of these [trends] have no scientific basis at all.”


The real problem, however, is that the practice is extremely unhygienic. 

South London female health specialist, Dr. Hana Patel, told Women’s Health why this is an issue:

“There is the potential to get an infection,” she said. “We have bacteria and fungi on our skin, and if we upset the vagina’s natural balance, it can cause a localised infection.”


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London gynaecologist Paraskevi Dimitriadi has gone even further by saying that if certain bacteria lands on the fingers and then makes its way into the vagina, it can cause many problems including vaginosis or thrush.

“If you have bacterial vaginosis or thrush your discharge can be malodorous and will not help you attract a partner,” she told the Daily Mail.



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In worst case scenarios, a woman can even get pelvic inflammatory disease, which, can cause a number of complications and ultimately lead to infertility.

As a means of encouragement for women to stop the trend, Dimitriadi explained that there is no need to practice vabbing, and that human beings have their own natural way to attract partners:

“We secrete the same pheromones throughout the glands of our body.

“We have pheromones in our sweat. We also secrete pheromones through urine and we don’t put that on our bodies.

“There is absolutely no need to use your vaginal discharge on other parts of your body to attract a partner.”

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