Doctors labeled “unprofessional” by a misogynistic study for posting bikini pics protest by posting even more!

Should surgeons and other medics who wear bikinis in their free time be called “unprofessional”?

Recently, the Journal of Vascular Surgery published a study that condemns young vascular surgeons, particularly women, who post pictures in swimsuits on their personal social media accounts. According to the piece, these medics have an “unprofessional social media behavior”.

What the controversial study tries to prove is that publicly available social media content “may affect patient choice of physician, hospital, and medical facility”. In other words, if a surgeon posts a bikini photo on their Instagram account, for example, patients may find their reputation questionable and choose another doctor for their treatment.

Pictures showing the young surgeons with a drink in their hand are also treated with the same prejudice by the researchers involved.

The  article, called “Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons”, states:

“Such content has the potential to affect professional reputation among peers and employers.”

The piece sparked a wave of online unrest. It was also the reason for the viral hashtag #MedBikini on Twitter.

Healthcare workers all over social media are questioning the misogyny embedded in the medical community, Comic Sands notes.  After all, doctors are human beings just like everybody else. They are adults who have the right to drink alcohol sometimes and wear bikinis in their free time.

What’s more, some of the understandably offended medics speculate the whole study is a hoax. They believe that some of the researchers created fake social media accounts to stalk on doctors’ personal pages so they can produce their results.

Responding to the immense backlash, the journal retracted the piece. In an official statement, they wrote:

“We offer an apology to every person who has communicated the sadness, anger, and disappointment caused by this article.”

However, MDs and other healthcare workers stress that a simple apology is not enough to fix the issue. Meanwhile, the hashtag #MedBikini continues to gain popularity.

People are even having fun with the whole unpleasant situation.

What do you think about misogyny and prejudice in the medical community? Have you ever been labeled “unprofessional” for enjoying your free time? Let us know in the comment section! 

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