17 Things to Always Do for Yourself

Author: Chase Holik

Living a healthy life physically is important. Living a healthy life emotionally could be even more important. It’s amazing what a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life will do for you.

Sometimes it can be challenging to always think about life in a positive way, but if you consistently practice these 20 things, you will truly live a better life on a day-to-day basis.

1. Always Move Forward

People are going to try to knock you down every day. Don’t let those people define you by how hard you fall, but instead, make sure you define yourself by how fast you get up after you fall.

2. Always Make the best of Any Situation

Even getting a speeding ticket can be a good thing. It may hurt in your wallet, but you never know if you may have hurt someone or yourself if that office didn’t stop you.

3. Always Improve Yourself

Settling for something is the worst thing that anyone can do. Always look for ways to better yourself in your career and your personal life.

4. Always be Confident in Yourself

Just because one of your close peers is going down a certain path doesn’t mean you have to. You know what is best for you, so stick with it. Losing confidence in yourself will hurt you in more ways than one.

5. Always Stretch Yourself

Stretching yourself and improving yourself are two different things. Improving is doing things that you know you can do. Stretching is doing things that may seem unrealistic. If you want to change any situation that you have, then you have to change something. You won’t know what you are capable of until you try something that you’ve never tried before.

6. Always Look at Failures as Learning Opportunities

When you learn to embrace failures, then you know you are on the right track. Failure should make you stronger rather than weaker because you can learn from them.

7. Always be Okay with Making Mistakes

If you are afraid of making mistakes, then you will be more apprehensive to making decisions on your own. Mistakes are a part of everyday life; so avoiding them will just make you feel less confident in your decision-making.

8. Always Ignore the Haters

Some people use haters as fuel. Others just choose to completely ignore them. Whichever is best for you is fine, but the main thing is to not let them try to ruin your dreams. It’s your life, not theirs.

9. Always think Positive

The power of positivity is amazing. A mindset can’t be changed overnight, but it can be changed over time. It’s never too late to start thinking positively.

10. Always Smile

Who likes a person that never smiles? Smiling will brighten up any room that you walk in to. Be that person rather than the one who makes the room brighten up when you leave.

11. Always Appreciate Life

Look around you and see what you have. I guarantee you that there’s someone in a whole lot worse of a situation than you. Stop rushing around for a few minutes each day and truly appreciate your life.

12. Always Give Back

Finances may be tough, but you can still give back. Donate some of your unwanted items or volunteer. A simple gift like that will go a long way in someone’s life.

13. Always Notice the Little Things

You can still strive to improve yourself and notice the small things at the same time. While you’re on your way to greatness, stop and pick a colorful flower along the way to remind yourself how precious the little things are in life.

14. Always Keep an Open Mind

You don’t want to miss out on something because you have a closed mind. Treat your mind like you would a parachute. It only works if it’s open.

15. Always Cherish Relationships

Relationships can be hard work, but it’s important to realize that there’s not a single person in the world that will never hurt you. Even your parents will hurt you every now and then, whether it’s intentional or not. A little pain isn’t all that bad, though, because it makes your relationship stronger.

16. Always Listen to Your Inner Voice

Listening to others will only make you unhappy. It can be easy to drown out your own inner voice, but you need to listen to it more often and let others have their own opinions.

17. Always Write Your Own Story

You are the author of your life story, so why would you let someone else hold the pen? Every choice that you make defines who you are and how your story goes. Your actions every day define whether each chapter ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation point.

So what is missing from the list? Is there something that you always do for yourself that may help others? Let us know!

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