Disappointed Burglar Leaves Angry Note After Not Finding Enough Things To Steal

Madhya Pradesh, India: A thief was so upset at the owner of a house he robbed that he left an angry note for them to read when they returned.

When the homeowner returned home, they found that thousands of rupees and jewelry were stolen.

But the intruder also left a note for them to read, in which he complained about the lack of items to steal.

The note was shared by Anurag Dwary on social media. It reads:

“Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha collector”, which means, “When there was no money, it should not have been locked, collector.”

The thief managed to steal 30,000 Rupees, which is the equivalent of 398 US dollars, as well as a few pieces of jewelry. The exact time and date of the crime remain unclear as the homeowner had been gone for a couple of weeks.

According to The Indian Express, the thief’s note was written with the pen and pad of a government officer. Authorities are investigating the case.

And people quickly took to social media to give their two cents on the burglar’s insolence. 

“Only in India can you get scolded by thieves who break into your home,” one person wrote.

Another said:

“Why waste a precious thief’s time if you don’t have anything… their hard work is waste, my sympathy to the thief.”

A third commented:

“I’m surprised they didn’t sue.”

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