Desperate girl asked stray cat for help to find missing kitty, and it actually worked!

You might have heard that asking a street cat for help in finding a missing pet supposedly works and there have been people who now confirm that they honestly managed to get back their pets after giving this method a shot.

One Taiwanese citizen tried it when she lost her 13-year-old cat and was looking under every rock to find it.

Via ET Today

According to outlet ET Today, YiFen Tan shared her experience on social media saying that her cat, Lulu, went missing some days ago.

She said her cat would often get friendly with strangers. When she discovered that her pet had run off, she started to hang up posters of her and also reported it to the police.

Via ET Today

However, following an extended search, YiFen said that even with the help of friends and family, she was not able to find Lulu. On October 1st, around 23:00, YiFen had not given up and kept on searching for her cat while shouting her name.

Via ET Today

Suddenly, the desperate girl saw a small black cat staring at her, and she decided to approach it.

Yi Fen collected some of her cat’s litter for the other cat to smell it and rattled some food she was holding in hopes of getting help from the kitty to find Lulu.

Via ET Today

The black kitty appeared to understand and started walking so Yu Fen followed. Some shopkeepers saw the interaction and asked what was going on. After a 500m walk, the black cat stopped outside a parking lot.

Via ET Today

YiFen and some of her friends started calling for Lulu to come out if it was nearby, and to their bewilderment, this time it actually worked!

Shortly after, they spotted Lulu coming out from some hidden corner followed by another cat, who seemed to have been looking after her.

Via ET Today

YiFen was so grateful for the stray cats” help that she considered adopting them but when she tried to lure them into a cat carrier, they refused to climb in. They just kept on eating the canned food that was given to them and as soon as it finished, they jumped on top of a wall and sat there. YiFen said as a gesture of gratitude, she often feeds the stray cats outside. 

People were astounded when they saw this story and even shared their own, similar experiences.

Have you had a similar experience? Let us know your thoughts on this story by leaving us a comment. 

Images, courtesy of ET Today

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