Deputy shoots and kills popular coffee company owner after he pulled and air pistol on him

Police in La Quinta, California shot dead the owner of the local ‘Joshua Tree Coffee Company,’ during a traffic stop.

Last February, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department were called regarding the brandishing of a weapon in the area of Simon Drive and Highway 111. The man responsible was 33-year-old Royce Robertson, who owned Joshua Tree.

The police were informed that Robertson was holding a gun at someone and threatened to kill him. While on their way to the location, deputies were told that the suspect had fled the area and was driving on Highway 111.

One of the deputies located Robertson’s car near the intersection of Desert Horizons and Highway 111.

A traffic stop was attempted as the suspect drove in the Desert Horizons Country Club. He was eventually stopped and left his vehicle while pointing his gun at the deputies. Robertson was then shot and was later pronounced dead after Calfire arrived at the scene.

Robertson’s air pistol looked almost identical to a real handgun.

No one else was harmed during the incident.

In an interview for KCAL, Demetria Robertson, the victim’s sister said:

“He was a good person. They should all feel bad about this. They didn’t kill a bad guy, they killed a good guy.”

WARNING: The video below may be disturbing for some viewers!!!

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