Dentist performs 1,500 free surgeries for people in poverty and brings back the smile on their faces

A shiny smile has the power to boost your confidence and brighten up your day.

Unfortunately, many people in the world don’t have the opportunity to establish good oral hygiene, much less attending regular dental visits. The truth is, in some third-world countries, people go their entire life without even owning a toothbrush.

This Brazilian dentist is on his way to change that!

As a dentist, Felipe Rossi is aware of how much having a beautiful smile means to people. With that in mind, he also knows what crushing physical and emotional pain comes with having rotten teeth. That’s why he’s on a mission to restore the smiles of thousands of people who can’t afford to go to a regular dental appointments.

This selfless dentist established the charity Por1sorriso.

Their goal is to give the less-fortunate people the smiles they deserve, for free!

Up until now, he has performed around 1,500 free surgeries. Apart from the rebuilding, he also gives routine medical treatment like root canals, cleanings, fillings, and crowns.


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. Cada um dá o que tem…eu e todos da @por1sorriso… damos é amor❤️ Equipe fenomenal ✨✨🧡

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Felipe shares stunning before and after photos of some of his patients.

As a picture says a thousand words, these photos show how much this generous act means to those people.


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So far, the Brazilian dentist has gathered an army of more than 4,000 registered volunteers. They travel with Felipe to his trips to impoverished towns and villages. All of their work and travel costs are entirely funded by sponsorship, fundraisers, and individual donations. Usually, a five-day-mission costs around $5,000.

The philanthropic dentist has set an impressive and ambitious schedule for the following year.

However, to continue his work, he relies on donations to his NGO organization.

“Our actions are worth more than words … building a better world is not done with syllables and verb conjugations. Doing is a transformative act … the country with the largest number of dentists in the world … also has one of the biggest social inequalities and segregating dentistry … millions don’t know what sitting in a dental chair is like … It’s time to SMILE.”

Felipe Rossi’s story is another great example of how one person can change the world for the better. As he says, “It’s time to smile!”.

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