Delivery man grabs pizza slice from box as customer has “No money for tip”

A delivery driver treated himself to a slice of pizza instead of taking a tip from the customer. 

If you were a pizza delivery driver, what would you prefer – taking your tip or being allowed to have a slice of every pizza you deliver?

Well, this particular delivery guy didn’t really have a choice.

As per 9GAG, doorbell camera footage shared on TikTok shows the driver being quite displeased after leaving a pizza box at the customer’s door. In the video, he can be seen throwing his hands up and exclaiming: “Are you kidding me?!”

Apparently, as the TikTok clip says, there was a sign on the door stating: “No money for tip, please take slice of pizza.” 

The man was a bit confused by the sign, but he quickly got used to the idea, and he grabbed a pizza slice right from the box. He even took a bite before heading back to work.


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What would you do in a similar situation? Leave a comment to let us know. And have a slice day! 🍕

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