Deaf Uber driver’s touching way of communicating with passengers will melt your heart

This deaf Uber driver has figured out a heartwarming way to communicate with passengers, and the internet is obsessed!

Jeremy Abbott, an editor at Unilad, has recently posted about the moment he entered “the most wholesome Uber of [his] entire life.” The “absolute hero” of Abbott’s story is a deaf Uber driver named Onur.

Moments after getting into the car, the editor noticed a note attached to the back of the front passenger seat. He got curious, so, naturally, he read what the driver had written.

The note said:

“Hi I’m Onur welcome to my Uber : )

I’m deaf so if you need to tell me something, please text me or when we’ve stopped you can write in the notepad to show me.

You can use the AUX cable to play your own music – if you have anything with a strong bass, I will enjoy it too.

Thanks for bearing with me & have a great day 😎

Onur’s heartwarming note went viral in no time, amassing over 50k likes and nearly 3k retweets.

The comment section quickly filled with people praising Onur for his wholeheartedness.

One person wrote: “This just filled my heart with absolute joy ❤️

Another said: “‘Thank you for bearing with me’ breaks my heart a little 🥺

A third simply added: “Legend.”

Commenting on the story, Jeremy said:

“Onur was very sweet, smiley and helped me to load and unload my bags. I thanked him as much as possible and he seemed like a very positive soul.”

An Uber spokesperson added:

“Onur has been driving with Uber for several years now and it is always brilliant to hear about the great rapport he has with his riders. He’s one of many drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing using the platform today and we’re proud to open up flexible work opportunities for drivers with disabilities.

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