Interesting Research Suggests that the Dead can Communicate Through Electronics

Interesting Research Suggests that the Dead can Communicate Through Electronics

Many people have reported receiving communications from the dead via telephone calls, images on televisions and computer screens, and more. Paranormal investigators have set up their gadgets in long abandoned places and recorded and played back the recordings, hearing what they say sounds like human voices. Although most claims tend to be explainable, there certainly is some compelling evidence out there. Two studies were conducted by Dr. Imants Barušs at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, attempting to verify reports that deceased persons have communicated to the living through electronic devices. Results of his first study were was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2001, and he concluded the first study by saying that, he was able to reproduce some confirmation about this phenomenon.
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Detailed results of the first study was published in this Epoch Times article. In this first study, Dr. Imants Barušs and his crew recorded the static between radio stations and tried talking to spirits, if any were around, and recorded the results. In the end, they were able to produce some words or phrases in the recordings, but not in a strong sense to prove the cause. He recorded several instances of electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs), but these were mostly open to interpretations. Thus, this study concludes that “electronic voice phenomenon” (EVP) may exist and what they recorded might be words spoken by spirits near them.

His second study, which aimed to overcome the weaknesses of the first study, was published in 2007. This study was relatively foolproof and showed some amazing results. In this second study, he used computer programs that would randomly generate letters and whole words instead of using the static between several radio stations, as static between stations is more open to interpretation by the listener. Three computer programs were used: one was a random word generator, another one was an app which generated random “yes” or “no” answers to the questions created by, and the third computer program was an EVP maker. Barušs also brought in a psychic for some spiritual insight. The idea was that she might be able to detect any spirits trying to communicate through the devices. The idea was that a spirit could be influencing the computer programs by influencing the machines to convey a message if the team.

A device that cut’s down audio files and reassembles them randomly was also used by the team. It was to find if there is any overlap between the random word generator and the EVPmaker if there is any overlap it indicates that a spirit might be trying to communicate by influencing the machines.

Dr. Barušs and his team asked 11 verifiable yes-no questions using these devices and programs. 9 of the 11 questions were answered correctly by the random generator. This was considered to be a “statistically rare event” by the team of researchers.

The two questions those were answered incorrectly were
1) “Do we live in London?” It said “no,” But the team did live there, but it is slightly open to interpretation as the question may refer to the more famous London, England.
2) The other question asked was if one of the research assistants had five “kids.” It said “yes.” But the assistant had three children and two dogs, the spirit may have considered the dogs somehow among the “kids.”

In a different session of the research the team asked the question, “What do we need to know that we don’t understand about this?” and the woman who is considered to be a medium heard the EVPmaker produce the word “opportunity.” At the same time, the random word generator produced the phrase “on sharp opportunity are was yes name.” But Barušs and one of his assistant heard the word opportunity only after playing back the tape.
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Another session was conducted where the team asked the question, “What would you have us do to make this work better?” and the random
phrase generator generated the phrase “We ITC dimension fortunate when irreparable continue.” The word generator was activated again to produce the random phrase “Feel acquire light figure logical people continue.” And the word “continue” was repeated in both phrases generated by the random phrase generator.

The medium said she received some messages from deceased researchers, including Barušs’s late colleague who “discoursed about quantum theoretic mind/matter interactions in what appeared to be much the same style as when he had been alive,” The detailed result of this study is published in EPOCH TIMES
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Barušs’ mentioned that “As we experimented with such speculative strategies, the medium and I felt that we entered a zone of uncertainty that was contrary to the clarity required of scientific research,” He further added that the minds of the researchers may have influenced the devices as shown by Princeton University in a study that mind may physically affect electronic devices.

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