Daughter Writes Touching Letter To Father Who Died Of Coronavirus

Italy: A woman who was not able to say goodbye to her father who died of COVID-19 has expressed her feelings by writing him a farewell letter. 

Anna Mercally from the city of Vigevano, lost her father, Luciano Mercalli (76), after he spent 12 days in hospital as he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

In Italy, the virus has thus far killed more than 4800 people, which is currently the highest number in the world.

At the moment, Italy is in total quarantine mode, with almost all of the population being told to not leave their homes.

In the United Kingdom, the NHS has said that it is vitally important for people aged over 70 to avoid contact with others in order to spare themselves from catching the deadly disease.

Image credit: Anna Mercalli

Anna has said her father became quite frightened when he found out that older people are the most vulnerable.

The last time Anna saw her dad was when he was taken away by an ambulance, and while he was in the hospital he urged his family not to visit him.

He wrote:

“Please do not come to see me. I am immortal, I cannot die. Hugs to everyone.”

Anna’s daughters created a montage for their grandpa with hearts drawn on paper. The nurses who were looking after him in his final moments brought it to him so he was able to see it before he passed.

Although Anna heeded her father’s request, she couldn’t help but wonder how he spent his final moments.

Speaking to local media, she said:

“I am unable to find peace imagining him alone in that bed while slipping away. Was he scared? Did he suffer? Did his beautiful blue eyes cry?”

Anna came to write her father a farewell letter after his passing to say the things she couldn’t say while he was still among the living.

The letter was printed in a local newspaper, and read:

“Hi Dad, a lot of people tell me that when I speak about you my eyes light up, and it could only be that way, you have always been the man in my life.

You are my reference point for every act, the example to follow, the lighthouse for my life.”

Anna remembered the last moment she saw her dad, who was the founder of the Cerim company:

I saw him go into the ambulance and nothing else. A wave of the hand and he was gone.

As Italy keeps on struggling with it’s horrifying crisis, the lockdown put in place on March 12 has been extended beyond the original date of March 25, as per the BBC.

Self-isolation is a crucial part of dealing with the COVID-19 situation. The World Health Organization urges people to take all the necessary measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Detailed information can be found by clicking HERE.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost someone during this crisis.

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