5 Signs That You Are Dating An Emotional Psychopath

Being in a relationship with an emotional psychopath can leave you deeply scarred emotionally, and can destroy the idea of you ever finding love again.

Many of us have had our fair share of bad experiences in relationships. A lot of us have had to work through the arduous experiences of dating abusive people who try to manipulate their partners mentally, physically and emotionally. These are the kinds of relationships that everybody should try and steer clear of. They can leave you deeply scarred emotionally and can destroy the idea of you ever finding love again. You may never find the courage to continue to pursue any kind of relationship if an experience was particularly traumatic.

The amount of pain that one endures when it comes to being in an abusive relationship is enormous. When you’re stuck in a relationship with an incessant psychopath, it becomes quite a task to dig yourself out. You’re left confused because things between the two of you never used to be so vile. They used to be so “normal” and endearing, you fell head over heels for their charm. Little did you notice the hidden darkness beneath that gorgeous smile.

You may have thought at first that these were the normal ups and downs of any relationship and that all that was needed to fix it was a bit more effort. The truth is that somewhere deep inside of you, you knew it wasn’t normal. There was something not quite right with the situation and you needed to save yourself.

There really is no point in patching up a relationship with an emotional psychopath.

Really, the best thing to do at the first hint of craziness is get out while it’s early, before things start getting too deep and before any permanent damage is done.

Here are 5 signs that you might be dating an emotional psychopath:

1. You are always to blame when things aren’t going so well.

They know that they are the cause of all the chaos in the relationship, but their pride will never allow them to admit to it. They’re always looking for ways to victimize you and make you feel as though you are to blame for everything. They will make you believe that you are the cause of all the issues and problems in the partnership (even if it has nothing to do with you) and you end up feeling guilty about it. They know that your guilt won’t let you just get up and walk out for good when times get really rough. They know how to manipulate people who are sensitive and vulnerable into doing whatever it is they want.

2. They are constantly deceitful just to make you feel bad about yourself.

They will make up scores of fake facts and data. They will twist dates and crucial details to suit their needs. They will perpetrate false propaganda about you consistently to a point where you start to question your own sanity. They will lie to you on a serial basis; to them you are not worthy of the truth and with the most blatant disregard for how these lies could make you feel. They know that the more they make you doubt yourself, the more control they will have over you and the relationship.

3. They say that it’s your fault that they’re not getting the most out of life.

Because these people are psychopaths, they’re bound to be doomed for failure outside the relationship also. The down side is that you will end up being blamed for it. They will tell you that they are not able to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams because of you. They will lead you to believe that they are the ones making all the sacrifices in the relationship when in truth they have nobody to blame but themselves. They will always find a way to make it seem as though you are the villain in this story.

4. They belittle you in every way possible to try and break your spirit.

They don’t want you to have any sense of self-worth, they want to take complete ownership of your being and then break you to a point that you lose all confidence. They will continuously discredit you. They will never fail to point out your flaws, and will always guilt-trip you into doing things that they want you to do. They are the manipulative psycho and you’re their helpless victim.

5. They isolate you from everybody else so you can’t cry out for help.

They know that loneliness and isolation can breed weakness, and that’s exactly what they want to happen. They want you to get to a point of weakness where it is impossible to survive on your own. They want you to think that the only way to get through this is to stay with them. They want you to believe that nobody else is going to help dig you out of the hole they’ve gone and thrown you in.

Now that you have this information, use it to make decision that are best for you. 

You only have this one life. Don’t give someone else permission to destroy it.

By Raven Fon

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