Breaking the Dating Cycle: How to Find the ONE

Breaking the Dating Cycle: How to Find the ONE

Having a true romantic and spiritual relationship that is fueled with love is one of the many wonders of this modern day world.

If you are anything like me, you were raised in a broken family with little to no example of what real love looks like. Your parents or caregivers busted their butts to keep the house maintained and to live securely with food on the table. One parent or both parents were away from home most the time and too exhausted for much else when the family was together.
There wasn’t much time for love or even knowledge of connecting to love and eventually you become witness to a dying marriage.
Because of this, online relationship experts are in high demand these days. Marriage has upgraded from 2 people of the opposite sex needing each other to run a home, carry on the family name with children and to provide for them financially, to being married for love alone. Now, men can take care of their own homes with modern appliances, cook their own food with easy make meals and it is socially acceptable to have female friends or date to fill those needs of feminine energy.
Women can be successful in the business world and take care of their own financial and security needs while also maintaining relationships, platonic or romantic, to fill their needs of masculine energy. There is no need to get hitched or tie the knot, unless it is for loving commitment.

So, what is the problem?

Most people really do want to find that one person, who really loves them and “gets” them, but men do not understand women and women do not understand men.
We look to experts to teach us how to have the relationship we want – to find the man or woman of their dreams!
When a current relationship isn’t going the way we want, we look for advice and insights from coaches who can help us get what we want. If we don’t get it, we jump on another dating site and find someone else to repeat the cycle.
How do you end the cycle? Maybe this video from Bryan Reeves will shine some light on your struggle.
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