3 Tips for Dating a Cancer

3 Tips for Dating a Cancer

Cancers are probably the trickiest star sign to date. They are moody, stubborn, and highly intelligent. However, if you manage to capture one, they are also the most loyal and affectionate of all the zodiac signs. Getting a cancer to love you is difficult, but once they do, they will be totally yours for the rest of your life. This makes them truly excellent marriage material. They are also known to be absolutely fantastic in bed, which also makes them excellent marriage material. With the crab, you can rest assured that they are saving all that love for their partner – and, boy, does a Cancer have a lot of love to give! Truly stellar partners but difficult to pin down, a Cancer is essentially the rare Pokemon of the Zodiac.
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Here are three things to keep in mind when you’re trying to catch a Cancer:

Tap in to your romantic side.

 The crab has a hard shell, but that’s only to protect its tender underbelly. A Cancer is likely to openly scoff at the idea of writing love letters and sending flowers for no reason. Don’t be fooled. These little gestures will make them melt and strengthen their sense of trust in you. This is important because of the huge role that trust plays in winning a Cancer’s heart. Because it is so difficult for the crab to open up, anything you can do to soften those claws is worthwhile. A Cancer may seem tough and pinchy, but deep down they just might be the softest sign of them all.

Know when to snuggle and when to let go.

Because of the extreme moodiness that characterizes this sign, it is extra important to be aware of a Cancer’s needs when it comes to physical space. Be there for her, but don’t crowd her. Cancers love a good cuddle, but treasure their independence as well. Let her come to you, and be there when she does. Allow her to set the pace and be in control. Like number one, this is an important step in making the crab feel safe and secure enough to put down her claws.

Be patient.

Cancers are the slowest to open up of all the Zodiac signs. This is especially true for a male crab, but certainly applies to both genders. Do not expect a commitment right away, and do not be offended when your Cancer doesn’t jump straight into bed with you. A Cancer knows she is worth waiting for – and oh, will you wait! Rushing the crab is probably the surest sign to drive her away. Give her space, give her time, and give her compassion. When she does open up, it will be well worth it.

A Cancer is full of contradictions. They need space and attention, independence and protection, sarcasm and sweetness. Most of all they need patience. Give it to them – the crab is worth it.

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