Dad wakes up paralyzed after car crash only to find that his three little daughters have died

A US dad, who was paralyzed after a car accident, woke up to the news that his three little daughters had died in the crash. 

On August 10 an alleged drunk-driver crashed into the back of the family car as they held to a stop at a red light in Idaho. 26-year-old Somchai Lurak was driving with his three daughters – Aneena, 6, Kya, 5 and Drayka, 3 – and his fiancee Emma Weignand, 25, at the time of the accident.

All three of Weignand’s children died in the crash, while she suffered a broken arm.

Lurak regained consciousness after being admitted to a hospital. His brother, Antony Smock, then gave him the crushing news that all of his daughters had died in the accident. He described his nieces as “the sweetest little girls”, The Sun reported.

“Our family has three pieces of our hearts missing now,” he said.

Lurak has been described as “an incomplete quadriplegic” after his neck got broken in the terrifying accident. He has said that he can feel his legs but is unable to move. Doctors cannot yet say if he will be able to walk again.

The alleged drunk driver’s alcohol level was said to be over the legal limit. He has been identified as Mathew Richard Park.

He is reportedly due for sentencing in February for three counts of vehicular manslaughter.

A FuGondMe page has since been set up to raise funds in order to support the family. 

“His precious angels did not make it. We are trying to come up with funeral and medical costs. Anything helps. Thank you,” says the page, organised by Lurak’s older sister, Amanda.

On September 7, she wrote that her brother “is doing the best he can”.

“He will need a special wheelchair, a handicap accessible van, including equipment to lift and assist him through this journey, and renovations to his place of residence,” Amanda said.

As of September 16, more than US$58,000 has been raised towards the family’s US$100,000 target.

What are your thoughts on this devastating story? Let us know in the comment section. 

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