Crying California ICU nurse begs people to stop being careless and stay home during the holidays

“Stop being careless!” An ICU nurse is begging people to take the pandemic seriously as hospitals across the US are overwhelmed with a record number of coronavirus patients.

  • An LA nurse is “begging” people to take COVID-19 seriously and follow the mandatory restrictions.
  • In a viral TikTok video, she describes the horrid situation in California hospitals, saying that “patients are dying like flies,” and “help’s not coming.”
  • The state’s governor Gavin Newsom claims it is “self-evident” that the lockdown restrictions must be extended. 
Credits: Gayana Chuklansev / TikTok

Gayana Chuklansev, a young California nurse, shared a heartbreaking plea through a TikTok video. The LA intensive care worker’s appeal has obtained over 1.4 million views since it was posted on December 22nd.

As Daily Mail reports, the medical employee describes the unimaginable challenges her hospital and its staff are facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the video, she says through tears:

“I don’t know how else to say this, but I’m begging you guys to stop being careless!
We have no ventilators for patients. We have no sedating medications. Patients are dying like flies. We’re full. We’re at max capacity. We have no resources. We have no staff. Our doctors can’t even intubate because they have like 40 patients each.”

Source: TikTok @ohitsgayana

The ICU nurse compares the situation in California hospitals to a “war zone”. 

Chuklansev claims that even after the healthcare workers have asked for help, “help’s not coming.” She then explains that they “physically cannot help” the numerous COVID-19 patients, many of which are losing their lives to the virus.

After begging her viewers to “stop being careless” one more time, the young medical employee urges them to listen to the experts’ advice and stay home at least during the holidays.


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Many TikTok users supported Chuklansev’s plea wholeheartedly. One of them commented:

“So heartbreaking. Thank you for using your platform to share the reality of what is going on. Thank you for everything you do. Hang in there.”

The state of California became the first in the US to surpass two million coronavirus cases.

Although the regional lockdown orders were set to expire on Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom stated that it is “self-evident” that the restrictions must be extended. During a recent press conference, Newsom said:

“Things, unfortunately, will get worse before they get better.”

According to the governor, California needs to shift into a “new phase,” as hospital beds are being set up in arenas, schools, and tents, and the state is struggling to staff them. An extent of the stay-at-home regime would occur in areas where hospital ICUs have less than 15% capacity.

It is said that the present increase in coronavirus cases is mostly due to holiday travel and celebrations.

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