Crocs Briefs: The Most Unnecessary Invention You’ll EVER See

Prepare to witness the most unnecessary invention in the world: Crocs Briefs! Yes, you read that right.

Credits: Unnecessary Inventions / Instagram

The famous designer of unnecessary inventions, Matt Benedetto, well-known for his creative, yet absolutely useless products, has stunned the internet once more. He has introduced The Gator Briefs – “The true do anything & go anywhere underwear.”

Credits: Unnecessary Inventions / Instagram

In a publication in the Unnecessary Inventions Instagram account, Benedetto writes:

“Introducing the newest addition to the Gator Collection, this stylish pair of underwear is equipped with all your favorite accessories from the sport strap, breathable holes, and ribbed accents.”

Credits: Matt Benedetto

Other items of the Gator collection include gloves and a visor. Talking about his creations, the designer shares:

“They hideous and I kind of love them.”

Credits: Unnecessary Inventions / Instagram

Here’s the hilarious ‘making-of’ video of The Gator Briefs.

Are you a fan of Benedetto’s work? Would you buy yourself a pair of Gator Briefs? Leave a comment to let us know!

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