What is the conventional way of showering your girlfriend or wife with love on Valentine’s Day?

People go for red roses, chocolates, and cards. Most women you come across this day have flowers, on one hand, a box of chocolates on the other and a smile on their face. To them, receiving these gifts means that someone loves them and takes time to show it. After a while, though, these gifts become monotonous. She looks at the calendar and thinks, ‘oh yea, tomorrow he will bring me more chocolates and flowers.’ For the first year of dating, these gifts may work, but after that, you need to get creative when it comes to valentine’s gifts for her. Get to understand your woman and learn what makes her heart jump for joy. You will then have an easier time shopping, and you can avoid that queue leading to the florist. Here are some ideas in this regard:

Cook for Her

Your cooking skills may not be the best, but she will appreciate your efforts. Start her day off with breakfast in bed. Many women talk about this, but few truly get to experience this expression of love. Get her up with a whiff of strong coffee as well as some snacks. And as she digs into the food, you can present her with flowers and chocolates. The gifts will seem more meaningful at such a time. You could also serenade her as she eats. As she walks into the office that day, people will wonder where she got such a glow.

For people with busy mornings, this might not work. But that does not mean that you cannot leave work early and make her dinner. Go the cliché way and adorn the room with scented candles with some soft music playing in the background. As she stares at the roast chicken in disbelief served by her man in an apron, she will have no question as to your love for her.

Get her a Massage

Here, you have two options. You can give her the massage or get someone to do it. If you choose the latter option, you can book a couple’s massage where you can both relax and ease the tension in your muscles. This session works in helping you reconnect as you talk about what’s going on in your lives in a relaxed environment. You should leave the session feeling closer and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

Visit Her

Long-distance relationships are not for everyone, as they require a lot of time and commitment. It takes a lot of strength to love and trust someone who you cannot see every day. If she’s willing to go through this with you, it is only right that you should make it worth it. It could also be that you live in the same town, but you both have crazy schedules that limit your time together.

Take the day off, book that flight, and visit her. You can start by finding out what her plans for the day are. Maybe she plans on staying in and watching a movie. Show up with dinner and a good movie. Or she wants to go out with friends. Find her and surprise her with a kiss. It will probably be the most memorable Valentine’s Day she has ever had.

Recreate a Memory

Most people reminisce about some moments in their relationships. For some, it is the first time that they laid eyes on the person they love. For others, it is the first time they realized that they were in love with their significant other. It could be that you cannot get enough of your first date. The way she held onto your hand as you led her into the restaurant. The cheeky way she peered at you behind her menu as she fiddled with her fingers all the while. Do you remember how beautiful it felt to be in her presence and how you longed to be with her? It is time to go back to a time when everything felt simple and right. And the way to do this would be to recreate a time that you both enjoyed. Take that art class again, meet in the library, and have a conversation that lasts through the night. You know what memory comes to mind. Recreate that and see what happens.

All the best!

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