19 Qualities of Creative People


Every person is unique. We all have different view of the world around us. But I have noticed that highly creative people have the most interesting and charming approach to life.

Although I value all people’s way of thinking, I find creative minds really fascinating. Of course, not all creative people are good people who use their artistic nature for good purposes but the ones I have met so far have really brought bright rays of inspiration in my life.

So, I have decided to share what I have noticed creative people do differently than others.

Let us know if you find yourself in some of these characteristics. Enjoy!|
1. They can easily think of ways of solving a difficult situation. Creative minds also tend to see difficulties as interesting challenges that stimulate their artistic thoughts.
2. When inspiration strikes them, they forget about everything else but their work. They tend to get lost in time and forget to eat or sleep. Because not many things matter more than their creativity put into action.
3. Creative minded people are usually rebels. They don’t like following rules because they have their own. Rules restrict their artistic nature and they feel pressured when there are boundaries they have to consider.
4. They hate being stuck in a routine. This is not surprising at all because after all, a creative mind has to stay stimulated so that it can express itself. This is why they are always seeking for new experiences and adventures.
5. Daydreaming takes a big portion of their day. They easily detach from their current surroundings and fly away to a whole different world.
6. Creative people express themselves through their works. But they are also constantly seeking for new methods of self-expression because there is never only one particular way to do this.
7. They notice small details. They are good at observing other people and their surroundings. They have a keen eye and all this is typical for them because they draw inspiration from all that is around them.
8. Life is not easy. Everybody has times of success and times of failure. Creative people can fail 100 times but they won’t quit until they get things right. Professional creative people usually have a hard time succeeding but the most important thing is their persistence because they know in their heart what they want from life.
9. They can change their opinion of their own works overnight. The first day they love what they’ve done and by the next day they can totally hate it. This may seem strange but it can’t really be explained- it is a matter of feelings rather than logic.
10. They are good at viewing situations from different angles. They can observe a set of circumstances objectively.
11. Most creative people are bad with numbers. They get lost and even bored when it comes to math.
12. Even when their creativity is doubted to be something they can make a living from, their artistic nature keeps them motivated. They follow their heart and don’t listen to the negative words they are told.
13. They can’t stay in one place for too long if they are feeling bored or if they aren’t mentally stimulated. Staying focused on something they don’t find interesting is extremely difficult for them.
14. They aren’t afraid to show their works to the world. They are proud of what they have created but also, they are humble- they are always ready to learn something new and to experience something different.
15. Creative people may seem a little “upside down” from time to time. They can work when others sleep and sleep when others work. This is due to their unexpected moments of inspiration.
16. Sometimes they may seem childish to regular people. The truth is, they can’t let the child in them die. This is a quality we all should aim for because taking life too seriously can only make us bitter.
17. Inspirations strikes them in the most surprising moment. Their spontaneous ideas are a part of their nature so don’t be surprised if they get distracted in the middle of a conversation.
18. Most of the creative people I know are true procrastinators. They fail to follow the deadlines and tend to do all the work one night before the term.
19. Most creative people I know are really loving. They spread love everywhere they go and cherish each moment. They love beauty and that is why they choose to express it through their works.

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